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Valentine’s Day Nails with a touch of Vinyl

So I was never one of those girly girls. Not the little Diva most moms want their little girls to be.
As I got older and into my teen years I started to become a tad bit more girly. However, I didn’t get into makeup and nails until I was about 19/20 years old. Even now I am still unsure some days on likes and dislikes in the world of beauty.

Well, I love when my nails are painted and all pretty but I will admit I hate taking the time to do them.
I have no patience what’s so ever. Haha.

Well, I wanted to do my nails so I thought about Valentines’s Day.
So here we are… My Valentine’s Day Nails!

Stepping into the world of Beauty & showing off my Valentine's Day Nails. Getting crafty while pretty! Adding a touch of vinyl for awesomeness.
After dumping my container filled with polish I found these two. They were NOT my original choices. Actually, the Sally Hansen was but Sinful Colors was not. I wanted to do Black, White and Ruby Rink. My black was dried out and my white started to coagulated I guess you could say. It was weird!!!

So I ended up with Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Ruby Rink and Sinful Colors in Social Ladder.
I didn’t want to do pink on pink but it had actually turned out nice!

Stepping into the world of Beauty & showing off my Valentine's Day Nails. Getting crafty while pretty! Adding a touch of vinyl for awesomeness.
I own a Silhouette Cameo. I bought it or myself earlier last year and make all kinds of fun things with this baby.
I have done car decals, wine glasses, mugs, and even quotes for the walls in homes.

I actually made snowflakes for the windows in our house this winter. I have to say, they turned out pretty well. Anyways, I was browsing Pinterest for ideas for Valentine’s Day nails when I found this one that had these awesome colors which I had to end up changing. But she had taken vinyl and cut it into strips to put in her nails so she would have these perfect lines. She had just put the vinyl on her nails, cut it so it was the perfect length and went over it with a top coat and called it a day.

This lead to my brilliant idea of cutting out shapes for my nails. So I set up a file with a bunch of little designs and got to cutting. So here are the first 4 I cut. We have hearts, zigzags, anchors, and of course mustaches!

Stepping into the world of Beauty & showing off my Valentine's Day Nails. Getting crafty while pretty! Adding a touch of vinyl for awesomeness.
So I present to you Valentine’s Day Nails with a touch of Vinyl.
I was extremely proud of myself. This is the first time I got creative with my nails that didn’t involve a nail salon. Hehe. I am the girl who watches YouTube to apply makeup. I have no shame. I am learning still and I love it! I think it’s so much fun! I am 26 and just now really starting to enjoy all those girly things.

So there it is! My Valentine’s Day Nails with a touch of Vinyl.
I hope you enjoyed my post and my nails. I am thinking of doing more of these as I do my nails. =) I mean who doesn’t like polish? I know I do. Actually, you can see my entire list of polish right here! Be sure to check it out. It’s still growing and I am hoping to add photos to it one day. It’s a slow process but It will get there!

So, I have to ask. What do you think of my nails? How about the vinyl stickers for them?
Good idea? Not a good idea? Giveaway worthy? Anything?
I’d love to hear your thought!!!




  • growingupmomma

    I would have never thought to use the Silhouette for nail art! That baby’s been on my list for a few years now, I think it’s definitely time to consider purchasing. Your nails look incredible btw and I would have never guessed that you are just learning or don’t do them regularly. Definitely pro status in my book ;) Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Alyssa C

    I’m loving your nails! Great color choice and vinyl design, I’d love to try this on my daughter. She loves getting her nails done but I have zero patience..

  • Theresa

    Awesome idea! I have a cameo too, but never thought about making nail art vinyl! Pinning to remember this idea!

  • Michele

    I don’t have a cameo nor do I do my own nails–my cuticles get more polish then my nails when I attempt it. I do love the way yours came out–I love the heart!

  • tammileetips

    You did a great job on your nails!! I wish I had the patience to do the stickers on my nails I always seem to make a mess out of them. What a great way to have holiday spirit!

  • The Trophy WifeStyle

    Omg your nails look so fabulous!!! Valentines day use to be one of my favorite nail holidays pre-mommy days…. My little one is still in the constant washing sippy & changing diaper stage sobI’ve put all my fun nail art on hold… Hopefully next valentines day my nails will look fab again :)

  • Natalie

    I wanted to get a Silhouette Cameo last year, but I never did. Now I plan on getting one within the next few weeks. I wouldn’t of thought of making vinyl for your nails, that’s a pretty nifty idea I must say. Your nails looks really amazing as well.

  • Maureen

    So pretty! I really wish I could do this myself but so hard to do it on my right hand. Love the polka dots!

  • Marika

    Looks adorable. I’m not one to pamper my nails, but this really looks enticing!

  • Victoria

    Your nails look cute. I hope to be able to fit in a visit to the nail salon myself tomorrow. I am not sure if it is going to happen yet though. I love the vinyl’s too. I tried them before and they did not work for me, maybe I need to try a different brand?

  • Stephanie C.

    This looks awesome! It really looks like you had it done at a salon. I love that you were able to do this yourself at home. It’s such an easy way to add a festive touch to your nails.

  • Amanda McMahon

    Cute. I love the asymmetrical use of colors. Great colors too!

  • You did a really really amazing job for a non girly girl, I really love it. I must admit that although I am girly girl I’m not very patient when it comes to getting my nails done. Sinful is one of the nail polish brands that i only recently started using and I really like wearing it.

  • Kiwi

    I love your Vday nails! There has been so many blog post on Vday nails and yours is cute!! I love it and very simple!!

  • labeltwentynine

    I love your nails! I have pretty much given up on growing my nails (since I am a habitual biter) but seeing cute designs like this makes me want to try a little more :) Thanks for sharing, maybe if I can ONE day let my nails grow out, I will try this design.

  • Shirgie Scf

    I like it when you take extra mile to beautify your nails eventhough you are not really into it. SOmehow, beautiful nails make a woman attractive because it shows how particular she is with herself especially in beauty.

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