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The Boutique Collection by Dial ft. Sugar Cane Husk Scrub

Hands get dirty. We touch people, papers, raw food, dirty dishes and lets be real here… We wipe our bums!
Washing hands is one thing that I believe to be essential.

Washing hands after using the bathroom, after brushing teeth, before eating, after doing dishes, taking the trash out and there are many other reasons to wash your hands!
Hands carry so many germs because we use them to pick everything up!

As some of you know, I am a fan of Dial. So naturally I use Dial for my Hand Soap.
I love certain scents and this is one of them! I am picky when it comes to products that have funky scents or a smell that is just too strong.
The Boutique Collection has 4 different scents: Yellow Raspberry & Black Sugar, Sugar Cane Husk Scrub, Water Blossoms, & Coconut Lime Verbena.

You can’t tell me they don’t sound amazing? I normally buy anything that is blue because I am almost always positive I will love the scent and Water Blossoms is blue… I would buy it! Hahaha I keep telling you all I am strange! I have yet to deny this! =P


The Dial Sugar Cane Husk Scrub is the newest member of The Boutique Collection and of course I have to test the others out now! The Sugar Cane Husk Scrub is amazing. Skipping all the facts because those are boring… when you use this hand wash you can feel the micro-scrubbers which feels like sugar. It’s amazing on my hands! It’s so fresh and soft.I love how my hands feel and smell after I wash my hands!!!

My Jaiden has this habit which drives me insane… He peels the skin around his fingers and I am trying to break him of it. I think it’s just a nerves thing but certain products bother his fingers because of this. The temperature of the water has to be perfect or his fingers burn. You can see around his thumb that it’s all red. =( That from him picking his skin. Breaks my heart his does this.

I wasn’t sure how he would react to the Sugar Cane Husk Scrub because of the micro-scrubbies. I thought they might bother him but he loved this hand wash! =D Yay! Score another point for Dial! Now I just need this in a body wash!! Haha

I also love that the pump is easy to use. Some products, the pump is weird and a pain. Never an issue with Dial!!

And of course there is a giveaway!!! Who doesn’t love Giveaways!!!
One lucky winner will receive a coupon to get their very own bottle of Dial Boutique Collection Sugar Cane Hand Soap 8oz w/ Pump. Maximum Value $4.00

Starts — 04.07.15 Ends — 05.05.15 — US  — Coupon (1 Winner)

Dial Boutique Collection Sugar Cane

The dino is trying to eat the ‘’ tag… Grrr Evil Dino!!!
Hehe =P

Disclosure: I received the products mentioned above in an exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are 100% my own.




  • Alyssa C

    Dial definitely hit the jackpot with this soap! Not only does it smell amazing but it’s like getting a hand massage every time I wash my hands!! Great post and I’m loving all your pictures!!

  • sohamolina1969

    I am using Deep Cleansing
    Yellow Raspberry & Black Sugar

  • Lauren

    I have used Dial in the past, but right now I am using Method.

  • Sarah Hall

    Right now, I am using Dial Aloe Antibacterial hand soap and we really like it.

  • ogilvierondanda

    Wow!! This sounds absolutely amazing! I love Dial and their products! I think I’m going to be picking up some of this sugar cane scrub the next time I’m out! Thank you for the awesome review!

  • Sage

    Another finger picker checking in, you’d think I’d have broken the habit by now :(

    All of these scents sound delicious and I’d love to try this product, but I haven’t seen it in Denmark. I wish I could enter the giveaway, but there’s no point… so instead, I’ll send good luck vibes to all who enter!

  • Nancy

    Omg I ALSO have that horrible habit of peeling the skin around my fingers – it looks disgusting and it’s such a hard habit to break. I definitely know the stinging feeling of too hot water, or a soap burning the fingers. Ugh! Worst.

  • Susan Quackenbush

    With several grandkids running around, our house could use a powerful soap too! They love to go outside, get dirty, and come in to bug grandma! :) Thank you for sharing this wonderful product with us!

  • Tammilee Tips

    I love Dial hand soap!! I had no idea that they made scrub soaps like this. These sounds like it would be a great hand soap to keep in the kitchen to help moisturize your hands with how much you hand wash in the kitchen.

  • Kelly Hutchinson

    I get really dry skin, no matter what season we are in. I have found soaps with an exfoliate in them work best for me. I think this Dial soap would be a great option for me.

  • Paula Schuck

    I am a huge fan of Dial products and I particularly like the hand soap. We always have some in the house and the kids really like it. This looks like a great fragrance and I love the scrub part.

  • rochkirstin

    I love the scent of Dial hand soap. The kids love it too. Whenever we go to the grocery, we will ask them to choose the scent they want. In effect, they will always remember to wash hands for proper sanitation. I like that there are micro-scrubbers which feel like sugar. It’s one of a kind!

  • Kerri

    I am not using Dial at the moment but all the scents listed here look amazing. Now that the weather is changing from cold to warm again, I tend to get dry hands so a scrub would be perfect. The sugar cane scrub would also be great to exfoliate.

  • laurenpaintsflorida

    Anything that’s kid approved has to be worthwhile, in my book! I really love using Dial as well though, it’s a great brand that offers a reliable product that my family and I love! I really want to try the Coconut Lime scent, because hello beachy, summery, amazingness! This scent sounds heavenly as well though. :)

  • Christina

    I am currently using the dial maruja oil soap. I love the way it makes my hands feel.

  • lisa

    Hello, I am a huge fan of Dial products and I particularly like the hand soap. We always have some in the house and the kids really like it. This looks like a great fragrance and I love the scrub part.

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