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St. Michael’s Fair in Levittown PA.

I personally have never been the kind of person to go to a fair or amusement park.
I am not into rides and I am terrified of heights. I like my feet planted to the ground or as close as possible.

Well when the St. Michael’s Fair opened up here in Levittown PA, I was excited.
Not because I wanted to go, but because I wanted to take my son and nephew. And well, I did just that!

St-Michaels-Fair_025I decided to surprise the boys with this trip. They had no idea where we were going or how we were getting there. I can tell you how fun it was to tease them for a little bit! Haha I am so evil!
We headed on out for our journey! We took the train which was fun for the boys!

We stopped off at Pop Eyes before heading to the fair. I figured it be easier and more affordable then eating at the fair. Plus i’d rather spend the money on games and having fun rather than the food. Of course Funnel cake is excluded from that! Whats a fair without funnel cake???

This post is photo heavy… Just warning you! =P

We got to the fair around 5:40. It opened at 6pm so of course some rides weren’t up and running and there wasn’t a lot of people there yet. We got our wrist bands for $25 each. The wrist bands allow the kids to ride every ride, multiple times! So worth it! I wouldn’t even think about buying the tickets. It’s a waste. Wrist Bands all the way!

Now they have other activities within the fair that are not apart of the fair. I think. Haha. They aren’t apart of the wrist band ‘club’. It seems like it would be a company who kind of rented a spot within the fair. Anyways. They had these big jumping things and the kids loved them. You get strapped in and just jump away!!!

Jaiden really enjoyed this. He had a hard time pushing him self off though. he started to get it towards the end but it struggled a bit!

Here is Jaiden and Larry jumping! Larry is in the back. This was the first thing we hit and I am glad we did! It was fun but not their favorite! Haha Def not their favorite!


Hehe the boys using their muscles and pushing off to get a higher jump! I loved watching them and their smiles! Totally worth it!!

Of course we got suckered into the games! Haha! Jaiden’s face is priceless and I am so happy I decided to do this for them! They had such a great time!

The games were fun! I had to put a stop to it though because I was running out of money! Haha I spent way more than planned and well, yeah I am a sucker! What can I say?? LOL

Contemplating on where to go next!

On the outside the fair looked fairly small! I was shocked with how many rides there actually was! By looked at it from the outside I thought $25 was steep for such a small fair! Once we got in I was pleased! Very pleased!!

It was still early so we hit up the rides that were open. Kids started to pile in at this point and it got crowded fast! The rides were starting to get lines but whats a little wait?

Hehe. They are so big! I have a photo a bit like this when these guys were just little guys! Man they grow up so fast!!!

Larry and Jaiden! 07.02.15
I love these two! They are a royal pain in the butt but whats family for? I can’t believe how big they have gotten! They used to be just little sweet guys!

We found the bumper cars ad it was over! Haha I think they went on 3 or 4 times!! They really loved these! But still, not the favorite! Haha

Jaiden is trapped! Hahaha

Larry was stuck and his car wouldn’t back up! Hahahaha

Jaiden is ready to hit someone! =P

Larry is cracking up at something! I don’t remember but man was he laughing his heart out!!

They were discussing their plan of attack! Haha Silly Boys! Getting ready to bump cars! lol

My baby boy! <3

This is by far my favorite photo of my nephew! He looks so grown and i am just in total wow with how much he has grown! Everything about this photo makes me smile! He looks so much like his mama here and it melts my heart!

The bumper cars were a hit! I mean who doesn’t love them! Haha
So far the fair is going good! I have a few things I wasn’t a fan of but nothing too major.

Larry determined to hit the bell!!!

The games were fun! Almost all the games has a choice to pay one price and hope you win or another price and either which way you got a prize. I paid the price so they got prizes! I didn’t want to see any sad faces!!

See… No sad faces! =P

This ride made me sick and I wasn’t even on it! Hahaha I was sick just watching! I don’t remember the name but man oh man… No thank you! I was shocked I even got this photo. The rest were 100% blurry! It was just sacking people back and forth.

Jaiden took to the swings! This use to be one of my favorites! But I don’t like heights so no thank you! Haha He had fun! I didn’t get any good pics of him swings =( I tried!

This is where the sad faces came in but I was proud! The boys took on the Zipper! The carts flipped, rocked, and moved all around and they gave it a go! They however, didn’t like it one bit! I was told their was tears involved and they were happy to be off this one! Hahaha! I was proud they gave it a try anyways!

While they were on this ‘horrible’ ride I as admiring the lights! Hahahaha. There were tears and head bashings against the back of their carts and i’m all Oooo Shiney! Hahahaha

I loved looking at all the games set up with the toys! I know people are saying oh we can get it somewhere cheaper then the price they want for the games and such. But the thing is, thats no fun. Yeah, you can find the prized cheaper somewhere, of course. the point is to turn a profit! But no kid is all OMG lets go buy a stuffed animal!! Its so exciting! They want to play the game and win a prize! Haha I see the point and think its totally worth it! Memories!! That is what I see!

I should have tried myself! I want the one above the monkey! Haha Its cute!!

The fair was much bigger then we thought! We didn’t find this guy until the end and oh Man… This my friends was the favorite! The Himalaya!

Jaiden looks like he had to sneeze! Haha

I loved that I was able to capture this photo!

As you can tell by the photos, the boys had a great time! The were on the Himalaya about 10 times! It was by far their favorite ride!
Over all the fair was great and totally worth it! I say buy the wrist bands! No buying tickets and having a sad kid because they used them all! It be different if each ride was 1 tickets… but it’s not and I think thats unfair! Just my opinion!

Anyways. Overall no major issues with the fair! I only have 2 major complaints.

Social Media. They have a Facebook page but who ever is in charge of it, well sorry but they suck! People are asking questions and many have gone unanswered! Social Media is a big thing and it needs to be maintained! They need someone to be on answering questions! I got an aster for one of my questions but not another.

It is really important to answer the questions. People want to know things so they can make plans and adjustment due to weather and such. You want to build good relationship with these people as they are your customers!

My sec on complaint is the wires! They have wires running all around the park which is expected. They had these mats covering the wires which I think is smart. However I believe they should have tried to flatten some of the piles more. I seen too many little ones trip over them and I am shocked I didn’t see any kid face plant into the ground.

Other than that… No issues! I was extremely pleased and so were the kids! We had a great time and totally worth the back pain and bladder that was screaming at me to pee! Hahaha

Thought t’s share! =P

So, if you live in or around Levittown PA, Next year, be sure to visit the St. Michael’s Fair! It was worth it!

Disclosure: This post is entirely owned by and has not in any way been sponsored. All images are owned by All opinions are 100% my own.




  • Jessica Beal Harlow

    You captured so many great fair memories in your photos! The kids obviously had an amazing day at the fair!

  • Angelic Sinova

    Looks like you all had a blast, St. Michael’s Fair looks like so much fun. That funnel cake looks so YUMMY <3

  • Jaime Nicole

    There’s nothing more fun than a fair! Your photography is beautiful – you captured some great moments with your family here!

  • I love the fair. My kids have actually NEVER been so I really need to push to go the next time it’s in town. The pictures are absolutely amazing and I feel like I was there too!

  • I’m glad that you guys had so much fun at the St. Michaels Fair! I love going to fairs and carnivals even now.

  • Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    That looks like so much fun! We love going to fairs like this! And that funnel cake look divine!!

  • reganshea

    Great photos! I love the fair, especially the funnel cakes.

  • Heather

    Well it looks like they had such a fun time. Usually I stay away from the over priced food, but seriously…funnel cake, how can you pass that up?

  • Liz Mays

    This sounds like such a fun fair and you can tell the boys had a blast. Your pictures are amazing. I can’t believe you got such clear shots of them on that ride.

  • Miranda (Myrabev)

    I am so with you on having your feet planted to the ground lol but I do go to the fair now and again and ride 2 rides max and thats that for me. Sounds like the boys had fun, such lovely pictures.

  • Miles L.

    This is a great fair event! I am so amaze how things like this can brighten up a child’s face. :)

  • michele d

    The boys looked like they had a blast. What a fun place to be during the Fall. I wish that I was there.

  • txtypeamom

    This looks like so much fun! You captured a lot of really fun shots of the experience!

  • Marts

    Your pictures tell it all. The boys really had fun! I believe they will never forget their experience :)

  • Stephanie Pass

    It looks like they had a great time! I love a good fair!

  • chbernard

    This looks like a great fair, especially the trampolining! How cool! Great pictures too!

  • Stephanie

    Looks like you had a great time. I’m with you – I like my feet to be firmly planted on the ground. It’s always fun

  • Wildish Jess

    I haven’t been to a fair in years! That funnel cake shot makes me hungry!

  • Kristin

    You can totally see how much fun your boys had! We love going to the fair or amusement parks so many great things to do. Thank you for sharing.

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