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Review/Giveaway: Orbit for Kids

As most of you know October is National Dental Hygiene month and if you know me personally you know I have something to say about this too. I know it’s not October but this is something we should take seriously every day!

As a kid, I hated brushing my teeth. I don’t know why but I did. But now I am a parent… And let me tell you some days I want to rip my hair out. LMAO. My son will be like ‘Again??? I just did that last night!!’ HAHAHA. He hasn’t grasped the concept that this something we do everyday!! But more importantly this hit home for me because at the very young age of 4 my son Jaiden had to have dental surgery!

I reached out to Orbit to talk about the chance for a review and they agreed.
Orbit sent Jaiden a bag full of goodies. Let me tell you.. He was so excited that something finally came for him!


Jaiden was so thrilled he got this bag of goodies. Even though it was dental stuff he was super excited! I was so happy to see him that happy! He is just a delight. He appreciates anything and everything!!

In the bag there were 2 bags of gum. You have the Original Bubble Gum and the Strawberry Banana. Jaiden preferred the Original Bubble gum flavor, however he did say that the Strawberry Banana was good too!

Here we have another pack of gum, a light up toothbrush, mouth wash and floss.

Here is my pride and joy super excited to test out his new goodies from orbit! First time in a long time I have seen him happy about brushing his teeth!! LOL He is so darn cute!!

Here are the goodies that came in a little clear bag. This was the exciting part for Jaiden. Even though he loved the gum this is what got him excited. His tooth-brush lit up, he loves mouth wash and the floss was different from the one he usually uses! So he was excited!!

Getting ready to get to work!!! =)

Here is a video for you all of my baby testing his new goodies out. Don’t mind me!! I suck at creating videos!
There was a second video but I accidentally deleted it… Oops…

Now, As I said above my son had to have dental surgery! Actually, It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. When they started the surgery they found out that Jaiden was born with a trachea that was 2 times smaller than it should be. This is information I am thankful to have, if something ever happens to my son and needs a breathing tube I have information that will help!!

So… as I said, it was a blessing in disguise.

This is my baby showing the start of his dental issues. They honestly came out of no where. He brushed his teeth all the time. He didn’t eat a lot of sugar foods or drinks. Seemed like just a bad case of genes and a according to the dentist is was lack of fluoride.  This is why dental care is so important to me!! My poor baby had to deal with so much!!

Here is what his teeth look liked towards the end. He had to deal with the pain for so long. He wasn’t allowed to have the surgery until his 4th birthday. So we had to wait it out. Poor kid. It sucked!!  But now I have a happy little boy with healthy pearly whites!!

Please remember to be strict and remind your children the importance of brushing. Be sure to take them to the dentist and show them the importance by making sure you brush your own teeth!!

Orbit is allowing me to offer a giveaway! You can win little lunch bag filled with Orbit goodies!!


Starts — 11.06.13 Ends — 11.20.13 — US Only — Lunch Bag of Orbit Goodies

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  • Sharon

    My kids don’t like brushing at all!

  • amy lumley

    My kids will brush their teeth, but they often like to ‘forget’ and I’m not sure they are doing a very good job!

  • Alicia S.

    J is sooo darn cute!! Eliseo had dental issues come up too. I think things happen even though they brush regularly. Eliseo would love to get this bag. He has a collection of tooth brushes..haha.

  • Madonna

    My grandchildren like brushing but we make a game of it and sort of dance around.

  • mindy cole

    My daughter does sometimes she doesnt do it for as long as she should

  • Tammy McGirr Northrup

    As a mother of six I don’t think many children like to brush once they are a certain age. Now my grandson who is only 1 loves to brush! haha

  • nerdishgeek

    He’s so cute….This is a cute little bag they sent him. My kids don’t live at home with me so i won’t be entering…And my kids are older in age lol…It should go to someone with younger kids get them or keep them interested in brushing. :)

  • Amber Graham Hernandez

    My kids, ages 3 and 6, love to brush their teeth! They react the same way yours do as well though and don’t understand why I would ask them to brush their teeth twice in one day! Ha! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Lisa Graham

    My kids love to brush their teeth. It’s the toothpaste they don’t always remember to add.

  • Alyssa C

    My girls love brushing there teeth, we always try and make fun out of every situation! ;)

  • Nikki Estelle

    Jada loves it also she has the same problem with her teeth but can’t get them fixed yet.

  • Tia

    My children love brushing their teeth

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