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Review/Giveaway: Marble Mania

I hate to say this, But the reality is…. Christmas is approaching us very quickly!!!

Tonight I was at work and they had Christmas Music on.. I was ready to run for my life!
Anyways, With Christmas coming the shopping has begun and for some of you it night not have even started. I’m one of those who usually shops at the last-minute hoping to get every penny I can get together to get my son everything he deserves but everyone is as fortunate.

I want to do something different with this review and giveaway.
First let me tell you about Marble Mania…


This is one of those toys us parents hate… Because we all know we are the one who have to put it together! Haha, I know but my son had so much fun with this that it was worth the time it took to put it together! As much as it drove me nuts that I was being asked every 5 minutes if it was done, I loved the excitement. I loved knowing that my baby was so exited to play with his new toy. And it’s not just a toy. It shows kids how things operate and how just putting things in the right order you can get a pretty awesome effect. And that is learning and I do love anything that will help my son expand his mind.

Everything comes packed nicely and organized. The instructions were very easy to follow. Now I am use to putting everything together. I put the swing, pack n play, bounce, stroller, crib and walker together by myself. I am pretty handy when it comes to most of these things. So for me it was easy to follow is what I should say! All the bags are tagged with the product number so you can easily find what you are looking for!

This is the bottom of what will be a pretty large toy! Let me tell you, I made it to this part and had to stop for like 5 minutes so the boys could play with the gears. They were super excited!! LOL

Ahhh and it begins… Are you done yet? Now? UGH, Ma… Are you done? How much longer? Why are you taking so long? AHHH I loved the excitement but OMG… I wanted him to stop! It’s like the typical long car drive… Are we there yet? Are we there yet? How about now? HAHAHAHA I love it though!!!

AND NOW PRESENTING…..Marble Mania!!!! =P

It did take some time to put together but it was so worth it in the end. Jaiden and his friend Tyler had a blast! They loved watching how everything worked and watching all the marbles. They loved when they all came out one after another!! It was great!!

My only suggest is that you glue most of the pieces. Boys are kind of rough and well lets just say a few pieces kept falling off. They would turn the little wheel so hard stuff started to pop out-of-place!! LMAO. I guess I can’t blame them because honestly… I even had fun playing with it. It was really fun! =)

I did have a small video to show you all but honestly, I think I deleted it by mistake because I can’t find it anywhere!! Opps…

“I love it, because the ball was going and going and then goes up and does it again. I love it because you put it together for me and it was so much fun” – Jaiden

He really had a blast with this toy!!!!

Here are a few other photos of the process. Haha. They were trying to hard to be patient…

Now, I stated I wanted to do something different this time around. With it being the Holidays and the season of giving I want to hear about a child you would give this gift to. About 4 years ago my mom and I spent about $200.00 or so on food for a family for thanksgiving.

It’s important to help people.

I know we are all on a budget and could basically all use the extra help. I know getting one extra toy to put under the tree would be helpful to everyone. But let’s be honest… Christmas is NOT about toys, It shouldn’t be. It’s about spending time with our loved ones and just enjoying their company. I am not religious so it may be more for some of your folks but for us, it’s about family!

I know kids don’t get that, the gifts are just an added bonus.

Starts — 11.24.13 Ends — 12.08.13 — US Only — Marble Mania

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Disclosure: I received the products mentioned above in an exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are 100% my own.




  • Monika

    I’d give this to my nephew who is Autistic because it would help with his creativity, being able to build it him self. I can picture him watching the marbles move through the tubes and I think he’d really love this.

  • kailee bowman

    I would give it to a family in need o help for Christmas

  • Nikki Estelle

    I would give it to my little brother who is 9 years old. He would totally love this gift!

  • hena tayeb

    my son!

    • AKee88

      May I ask why? I get he’s your son, but why him? Why not someone else who could use it? Why not someone else less fortunate?

  • Coleen

    I would, in fact give it to my kids. I am always in search of something they can do together. They are over 4 years apart, and it’s tough to find things to occupy them both without tearing myself in 2. This would be fun for the whole family

  • jen

    I’d wrap this up really lovely and give it to one of the five children we pick off of local angel trees every year.

  • JohnZ

    For my son.

  • Vinnie

    This looks like a lot of fun!!! I love things like this always have even as an adult. Toys are so much fun!!!!! Those last photos of them waiting are priceless lol….

  • amy

    I would give it to my son, he would love this!

  • Vinnie

    I didn’t say what i’d do with it if i won..LOL i would prolly put it together and display it until my son came to visit in which case it would more than likely change ownership …I couldn’t do the instagram share for some reason…:(

  • Laura Ann

    I would probaly give it to my daughters for a xmas gift. We’re so bad on money right now, we could really use all the help we can get.

  • Amy Lumley

    I would give it to my sons, age 7 and 11, who are amazing at building things!

  • Carol McDonald

    I would give it to my dad, he is always working and on his days off he plays with the babies. He deserves a great present.

  • Chrissy Groff

    I’d give it to the neighbors son. He’d totally love this!

  • Paula

    I would give this to my neighbor to give to one of her children. She is an amazing person, very kind and sweet, always willing to help. She just had another baby so money is pretty tight this holiday season, I was hoping to buy her kids some stuff anyways but recently had some financially situations arise so I don’t think I’m going to be able to help, I know Christmas isn’t about the presents, but, I’d hate to know her kids woke up to nothing on Christmas morning.

  • jenna

    This looks like fun and since I can’t technically use cuz my daughter is so little and I’m going to get help with Christmas being a single mom seriously struggling, if I win this I would put it in for Toys for Tots box for some other child to enjoy it! :) – & no I’m not just saying that.

  • Tammy Hardy

    I have Grandchildren that would love this. For reason I do not wish to make public, their parents are not able to provide a lot of Christmas magic for them and I being unemployed can not provide gifts for any of my Grandchildren. This saddens me…It has always brought me joy knowing that they had a little something under the tree from Grandma. I know my circumstances are not dire, or tear jerking, they aren’t emotionally charged, it’s just the heart of an old woman wishing she could give. That’s all.

  • charlene marinuk

    This looks like soooo much fun ;)

  • Marianna

    My son Micah because he likes to build things

  • Alicia S.

    Wow this looks cool. I’d def give it to my son Eliseo. He’s been talking about playing marbles at school, so I think he’d really enjoy this!

  • Annie Zapkode Wallace

    my son austin – give him some thing to do with his collection of marbles.

  • Dena M Furgason

    I would give this to my son because he loves toys like these and he really wants one.

  • sydney

    I would give it to my 6 year old who loves to build stuff

  • Tara C

    I would give it to my son because he loves building things and figuring out how things work.

  • Crystal

    Should I win this giveaway I would give it to my Stepson for Xmas.

  • Michelle Tucker

    I’d give it to my nephew, because he loves putting things together.

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