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Review: Verve Energy Drink

I am not a huge energy drink kinda girl. I do like my Red Bulls but it’s not something I have all the time!
Well, I was contacted on Instagram about this energy drink called Verve.


When it comes to trying new foods and drinks i’m a bit hesitant. I haven’t always had the greatest experience with this.
I didn’t do a lot of re-search on this drink before hand because I really like to form my own opinion without any influence.

When I got the drinks, I opened up the package and I was rather impressed with the design.  It’s simple and a bit funky. I really love the color orange they used. It’s stands out! The fonts are pretty basic which I love because I prefer things simple.


As I said, I was a bit hesitant about trying something knew so I can’t even tell you how many times I sniffed the cans before actually taking a sip!

Yes, you read that correctly… I sniffed my drink.. Don’t hate!
The drinks have a very powering smell to them! Not a bad one, Just very powering!

I started off with small sips, ya know, making sure it wasn’t so disgusting that i would puke! LMAO!!
Once I let the first few sips settle I went in for the big gulp!

The taste was what I thought it would be after sniffing it a few times!! =P
At first, I get Oranges…. but it’s not over powering… It’s like Orange Juice without so much acid. But then, I got the taste of Pineapple. So it becomes this amazing blend of Oranges and Pineapple (at least to my taste buds). I am not a nutritionist or anything like that but these little drinks seem to have enough vitamins and minerals in them to give you a extra boost in the AM.  I really enjoyed these babies!

In the Bold version there is Vitamin A coming in at 50%, but holy wowzers… Vitamin C at 500%, and Vitamin  D3 & E are over 175%. You also have Vitamin B6 and b12at 250% and then. You also have Biotin in at 100%

Okay, are you ready for the crappy part? You can’t just walk into a store and by these. I know right? WTF? LOL
However…. You can buy them from someone who sells them. I will admit it kinda sucks not being able to just run into your favorite store and grab on off the shelf but there are so many advantages to this process.

Everyday we walk into stores to buy our clothes, shoes, grocery’s, and household items. Often times, these are big companies, the kind with CEO’s and shit. We often forget about the little guys, the old school mom and pop shops, the ones who weren’t greedy enough to need 100’s of stores. We need to help support the people who wake up everyday striving to be better then the day before and not the people who just want to make their pockets bigger!!

With Verve, you are able to help the person you buy from. Yes, you are still helping the actual company, but you are helping a single person by buying the product from them. It may not be much, but it’s the thought, the time that counts. We help pay employees who work at these bigger companies but it’s great to help the smaller companies and the individuals in my opinion!!

Seriously though… I love this shit!! Plain and simple… Love! LOL
(Hey, I never said I wasn’t going to have a potty mouth)

If you are interested in buying Verve head on over to Briar Tately’s Page.
Briar Tately is one introduced to me Verve and I couldn’t be happier!

Disclosure: I received the products mentioned above in an exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are 100% my own.




  • Stormy

    Oh wow. That’s pretty cool! Dude, I smell new drinks too. I also have a weird thing about drinking and leaving a drink. I won’t pick it up again after it leaves my sight. Yeah, I’m strange haha.

    Well, anywhoo – I’m not a huge energy drink drinker (wait, is that a “thing” or do you guys have a title?), but the hubby is! I will have to tell him about Verve. It’s definitely got some great selling points! Plus, you liked it! Awesome.

    • AKee88

      Good to know I am not the only person who smells nee drinks! I don’t blame ya for not continuing a drink once it has left your right, especially in a public place! If your husband is interest have him check out Briar Tately’s Page! She’s pretty awesome!!

  • My Husband has sleep apnea so he doesn’t have a lot of energy during the day. He has tried so many different energy drinks … some good, some ok and some really bad. I am going to have him read your review and see what he thinks.

    • AKee88

      That really sucks! I find the red bulls I like are only because of taste, not energy!! If he finds that he is interested have him check out Briar Tately’s Page.

  • Laura Ann

    sounds like it taste good. I bet my husband would love these!!

  • LOL! I smell everything before I try it too! These sound like drinks my husband would really enjoy. Great review I love your writing style…I have a potty mouth as well.

    • AKee88

      YAY for another sniffer!! LMAO!!! Have him check out Briar Tately’s Page! She is where I got mine!!

      Thank you so much! =) Can’t help the potty mouth! LOL

  • Pam

    I am not a big energy drink person because they usually seem to have an aftertaste. These sound interesting though. I will have to try one. Thanks for sharing.

    • AKee88

      I agree with some of them having a after taste. But man, these were like carbonated orange juice if that even makes sense!! LOL Be sure to check out Briar Tately’s Page, I got mine through her!

  • Sarah

    My other half lives on energy drinks quite often I will have to give me a heads up on these as I haven’t noticed them knocking around the flat x

    • AKee88

      Haha, Def!! At least these will be a healthier version right? Be sure to have him check out Briar Tately’s Page!

  • Rosey

    My youngest child smells EVERYTHING all of the time, it’s hilarious. :)

    Glad you found an energy drink that you love!

    • AKee88

      Haha! Seems like there are a few of us who smell stuff before trying!! =)

  • Becca

    You are so not alone in the smelling your drink part! I would hate to get attached to something that I couldn’t easily buy…but I can see it’s advantages as well!

    • AKee88

      Haha it’s good to know I am not the only one who sniffs! I agree. It does suck they are not in the store!! But I you can order them by a case which I believe is 24.

  • Growing Up Madison

    I don’t do energy drinks but I’m sure my colleagues might give this a try. They down red bull like water where I work. Might have to tell them about these. Thanks for the review.

    • AKee88

      Def. I really did enjoy this energy drink. If you can send them to Briar Tately’s Page. I got mine off of her and shes a sweet heart!

  • Ashley

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this brand of energy drink. I stay away from them because every time I’ve drank them, different brands, I get sick literally!

    • AKee88

      Oh wow! Then yes, Stay Away!! Hahaha. I never heard of them until I was contacted about them! But I don’t want you to get sick!!!

  • I’ve never heard of this brand, but it’s probably because you can’t get them in stores LOL. If I ever come across someone selling one, I will pick one up for my husband, He works 12 hours days most of the time and drinks these when he gets that middle of the afternoon tired feeling.

    • AKee88

      Haha, Yeah I would have never heard of it had I not been contacted about this product! I’m not sure they sell them in singles but if you are interested in buying a case feel free to check out Briar Tately’s Page.

  • Mel Cole

    Never heard of this brand too. Sounds like a good booster for the one who likes to do lots of workouts and exercise.

    • AKee88

      Haha Probably right! I never heard about it until I was contacted about it. Check out Briar Tately’s Page for more info! =)

  • mommasbacon

    I’m not an energy drink person (and can’t drink them now), but my husband loves them. I will definitely send him this post so he can look for it and try. Thanks!

    • AKee88

      I’m really not a big drinker of them. I will never touch monster. too many scary stories of people dying after drinking so many of them and i am a total chicken! LOL If he’s interested have him check out Briar Tately’s Page!

  • Grandma Bonnie

    Hmm, your review makes them sound great but I am very much like you. I would have to sniff and sip first. I have not ever had an energy drink so I would probably have to really think first before trying.

    • AKee88

      I can totally understand that! Only reason I am raving about them is because they are a healthier version.

  • pamatiw

    I have never tried an energy drink before but I will keep this one in mind for when and if I feel I might be needing one. I loved your review!

    • AKee88

      Aww thank you!!! If you ever find you are interested be sure to check out Briar Tately’s Page. I worked with her and shes pretty awesome If I do say so myself.

  • Asha Butterflys

    i have never been a energy drink kinda gal. However my boyfriend would love this.

    • AKee88

      I can understand that. I’m not huge on them myself. But I really did enjoy these!! lol Be sure to pass the info along to your boyfriend! =)

  • toughcookiemommy

    My husband drinks lots of energy drinks since he works nights and has to stay awake during work. I will definitely tell him to try this one out. Maybe he will like it better than the brand he usually drinks.

    • AKee88

      It’s always worth a shot! I have the link posted above for the sellers contact info. They do have a 30 day money back guarantee

  • Athena

    I don’t drink a ton of energy drinks – it is actually quite rare. But this is my busiest season of the year and I really need some! I will have to check this out.

    • AKee88

      Definitely look into them! They really were good!

  • Sounds like an awesome energy drink! Great review! ;)

    • AKee88

      Thank You!!!

  • Delphina

    I have never had an energy drink before, but this one sounds yummy. I always assume they will be super sweet like pop without bubbles. OJ I like :).

  • Sarah

    My other half is the energy drinker of the house – I will have to look out for these and see if I can grab him some to try :) x

  • Victoria

    I have to check this out. I am Red Bull addict but I have been trying to withdraw myself from them.

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