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Review: Tongue Spank

Cooking isn’t everyone’s forte.
But if it is, you can never have enough spices!

Different spices can really enhance your meals, especially if you marinate.
I love spices. I love trying new things and testing out new flavors and recipes. Sometimes you have to spice things up for dinner.

With that I bring you Tongue Spank Spice Company.

First I have to say their company name… AWESOME
TongueSpank was founded in September 2013 in Chicago. They ran a campaign on KickStarter to raise money to start their company and they truly succeeded.

“Tonguespank Spice Company is a Chicago company specializing in making boring food exciting! Come get your tongue spanked, and see what you think!”

This is a bit odd but can I have to say this…
Those little bottles of spices are seriously so cute BUT OMG… They pack some FLAVOR FLAV!!!!!
I had to do it!!!

The Garlic Grappa was amazing! We tried this out on some home made garlic bread and it really was delicious.

Here we have Citrus Rum and Smoky Bourbon.
Both are truly amazing and have some serious flavor.

But I have one issue… =((
I was so excited to try these new spices I totally spaced on photos =(
I just wanted to eat the food!!! HAHA

But no worries.. I will pull through and bring you some amazing food photos to show you later.

We used the Smoky Bourbon on some pork tenderloin. I don’t like pork chops. Nope, however, I love pork tenderloin. Anyways, Amanda focus! We used the Smokey Bourbon on the pork tenderloin which we rubbed it all in the meat and let it marinate overnight in the fridge. Let’s talk about flavor. Oh My Gosh… It was simple amazing. I mean first the pork tenderloin was of course tender but combined with the favor it was just all around heaven. We paired this dish with mash potatoes and some broccoli.

Now for the Citrus Rum. We decided to try this with a shrimp pasta. We got some fresh shrimp and decided to cook it in a pan with some oil. So after cleaning them and all we got the pan going with oil and tossed the shrimp in. We then added the Citrus Rum and tossed them around a bit to make sure they were cooked.

We then decided to make a butter sauce for the pasta, I mean we didn’t want dry noodles. Hehe, We needed something so we made a Citrus Rum Butter and Oh My Gosh… This was amazing.

I feel horrible that I totally spaced on photos but I promise you, I will come back and post some more recipes at a later date for these. They were so amazing. Now we used the spices in other areas but this is where we tested mainly just these spices. We wanted to see how much punch they backed and let me tell ya, they punched! hehe

Be sure to check out Tongue Spank. They are so worth it!
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Disclosure: I received the products mentioned above in an exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are 100% my own.



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