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Review: Spellbound Nails

I’m not the girliest of girls but I do enjoy make up and nail polish. I actually have a nice little collection of nail polish. Well, I was lucky enough to add 3 more to my collection.

These aren’t your 3 ordinary store bought nail polishes. These 3 were hand-made by one woman and are simply beautiful.
I am honored that Ashley from Spellbound Nails gave me this opportunity to review her product.


First, I have to just say the selection Spellbound Nails has is awesome and I can’t wait to order some I have my eye on!

The 3 polishes I received were ‘Carnival Lights’, ‘Jadad for Green’ and ‘Sugar n’ Spice’. These are some very fun and glittery colors I was given and I am in love with them.


Spellbound Nails sends her polish off very protected and very cute! I was on my way out the door when the package arrived and all I wanted to do was tear these opened but I knew I had to photograph how cute she wrapped them so I just walked away leaving them untouched…. Very hard to do might I add!!!


Here is a little peak of the backs.. So much glitter!!! I just adore these!!!
I’m going to show the images of each polish next. Please do not mind the fact my nails are well so not professional looking. Just a working mom who likes to paint her nails! =D

SpellBoundNails_004SpellBoundNails_009SpellBoundNails_012Here we have Carnival Lights. I do apologize for the crappy paint job. I really should re-do this but I don’t have much time to sit and paint my nails at the moment. I really like this one. I love black polish but the Carnival lights gives it something extra. You can go a little or a lot. I know for sure, I want to try this out on white as well!

SpellBoundNails_005SpellBoundNails_007SpellBoundNails_011Here we have Jadad for Green. Like I said, I’m not really the girly type so pinks and all aren’t really in the cards for me. I love green’s blues, oranges and so on. But I love muted tones. Not pastel or bright but colors that kinda take the notch down a bit and that’s why I love this color. The glitter just really gives it something extra to talk about. I would love to see this color without the glitter as well. I love glitter but i also love love love me some solids and this colors is just simply stunning.

SpellBoundNails_006SpellBoundNails_008SpellBoundNails_010Last we have Sugar n’ Spice. This is my favorite by far!  I love the white but what i love the most is how the white dulls the brightness of the glitter and gives them this milky kind of look. There is a lot of pinkish/purple glitter in this polish which isn’t my thing but the white tones that down which makes this polish perfect for me.

Overall I love Spellbound Nails. Great selection to choose from but a great product produced. She is amazing at what she does and the quality is just great.

One thing that Spellbound Nails recommends is shaking the polish a bit before using. I didn’t find this to be necessary for Carnival Lights or Jadad for Green. However for the Sugar n’ Spice I did. I think this is mainly because it was laying down when in shipping that a lot of the glitter fell to the one side. I had a bit of a hard time getting the bigger pieces out. So what I ended up doing was standing it upside down for a bit and let the glitter fall to the top then gave it a good shake. Worked great to get the bigger pieces out.

I will be purchasing a few others from Spellbound Nails like, DipStick, Down the Rabbit Hole Collection, & The After Party! That’s just a few I would love to add to my collection!

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Disclosure: I received the products mentioned above in an exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are 100% my own.




  • Alyssa C

    I love Purely Purple and Happy Thoughts because they are super girly!!!

  • Risa White

    Super cute! I love the glitter ones.

  • Erika Moore

    I would choose sugar n spice and dipstick. They are colorful like me ;-)
    Btw this is an amazing giveaway – I’m a nail polish addict as you know lol

  • melanie

    I just went looking for some polish today and couldn’t find anything i liked. I would love to win!!mo

  • Jessica B

    Jadad for green is absolutely beautiful! I’m not one to paint my nails but they’d be so cute for toes too :)

  • Laura Ann

    These are all so cute! I was looking though her site with my daughter and she picked out Fuchsia-ristic Custom Holographic Nail Polish and Leopard in the Snow. These are really great colors!

  • Alexis

    Sugar and Spice and Strawberry Mousse :D I love painting my nails.

  • Jen

    Jadad for Green and Sugar n Spice. I love these! My daughter and I paint our nails together all the time. :)

  • Ashley

    So cute. I went and favorited her on Etsy. I will pry place and order even I don’t win. I am super picky with nail polish so this looks super cute. I would most likely will end up ordering the Watermelon Seeds, carnival lights, & sugar & spice. I really liked quite a few.

  • Shari G

    Oh my!! Those are amazing!!

  • Annie Mai

    I would get All of Time & Space and Dipstick :P

  • Mistee W

    Oh man, there are so many to choose from, but I think I would go with the Orange You Lovely & Dipstick! Orange is my favorite color so I would wear that one A LOT and I love anything that glitters so that one would get worn A LOT as well. I hope to win, i never win anything! But what a wonderful site and giveaway, if I dont win I will still buy some nail polish for sure!

  • mommasbacon

    I think I would try Pittsburgh Pride (awesome for Halloween!) and Steel Wool. Love the colors and sparkle.

  • My Granddaughters would love all their great colors

  • Amber Mabry

    Those are just gorgeous!

  • Michele

    She makes this nail polish herself? Wow–they really are different. Not sure I would wear that much glitter on my fingernails-maybe my toes.

  • I love the Jadad color, how cute they all are!

  • Sarah

    Wow those are gorgeous I adore the Jadad for Green from the first picture I thought it would be my least favourite but it’s so different once it is out of the bottle.

  • Ashley Bliss

    Oh, I love all those colors especially the others with the glitter. Lovely!

  • Krista

    I would choose Lollypop Guild and Pink Lemonade – they are just so pretty!!

  • cynthial1956

    I know that my daughter would love all of these. I am really fond of the white! Very different!

  • Tess

    I love the polka dot one!

  • Corinne

    How fun! I love the third polish you showed. Really neat effects they manage to squeeze into those little bottles. My daughter would love these.

  • Brittanie B

    Awesome giveaway! She makes some really pretty colors! I love the jaded for green! My favorites in her etsy are watermelon seeds, checkmate & steel wool!

  • amayachika

    Cute polish you have here. I have my nail polish done here in my house, home service. All are good and lovely to look.

  • Aida ingram

    I absolutely love this polish…. I so hope I win!

  • Ashley


  • kateasaurusrex

    I would choose Sugar and Spice, and a surprise :)

  • kati_kz

    Carnival Lights and Sugar n’ Spice because I love glitter nail polishes.

  • TikiBarbie

    Jadad for Green and Carnival Lights.

  • Colleen

    I love all of these! :)

  • Jessi N

    Jadad for Green and Sugar N’ Spice. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Tami L

    Watermelon Seeds and Drink Me! :)

  • mishka824m

    Jaded and orange sherbert, because they both call to me!

  • Abiagil

    What an awesome giveaway. She has some really neat colors. I would pick All of Time and Space and Watermelon Seeds.

  • Erica Ardali

    I’ve seen such awesome nail polish before. These shades look like they give you salon nails at home! It was hard to choose two but I’d love to try Lollipop Guild & All of Time and Space

  • Gigi

    Sugar & spice… and Carnival lights… I love the look of confetti

  • Tanya

    Carnival Lights & Jadad For Green. I love black polish and Jadad is a nice green.

  • Jessica Baas

    That is a tough choice, but my love for holos wins out! I would choose Smeared Lipstick and Steel Wool.

  • Lynda

    Awesome giveaway thank you! Jaded For Green is my fave here.

  • Kathryn C

    Amazing giveaway! Mini Skirts and Leg Warmers is so me! neon and pink! and definitely sugar n spice!

  • Pal Raine

    Super love the color of your nail polish.

  • Clare

    I am a HUGE Spellbound Nails fan! The polishes I would choose would be Leopard in the Snow and Napalm Bomb!

  • Watermelon Seeds and Madness is Catching.

  • milenabarrett

    Sugar and Spice is my favorite! They all look great though!

  • How cute. I love the Sugar N Spice one. I don’t paint my nails, due to working with food. BUT I keep my toes painted. Gotta have cute piggies in my flops. :)

  • The name says it all… Spell Bound! Very pretty

  • Pam

    Those are such pretty colors. I love the sparkles!

  • Alissa Apel

    Sugar n’ Spice because I love baking! It reminds me of sprinkles and Jadad for Green just because I love the color.

  • Rosey

    Sugar and Spice and Carnival Lights because I know my daughter would love them both.

  • pamatiw

    Love the sugar and spice. Really cute.

  • becca

    I love this stuff! Hope I can win some lol

  • Erica StJohn

    Love these nailpolishes.. the white one is my fav

  • Paula

    These are great!! Pretty in punk is my FAV!!!!

  • Amy S

    I love Carnival Lights and Sugar n’ Spice, I dont have any Spellbound nails nail polish yet!

  • All the colors are gorgeous but my favorites are probably Jaded for Green & Watermelon Seeds :)

  • Emily

    All of time an space and Frosty elegance

  • I’d get whichever 2 my daughter wants.

  • Jessica

    I love the jaded for green and the sugar n’ spice. I love nail polish and i love glitter so these would both be great for me :)

  • Lily Kwan

    I would choose Strawberry Mousse and Pink Lemonade because they look very nice!

  • Kelli Triplett

    I’d choose Carnival Lights (because I adore glitter toppers!) and Jadad because I LOVE that shade of green!!!!!!!

  • Kris W.

    Harbor Glow and Carnival Lights…gorgeous!

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