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Review: Easy Lunch Boxes


As a mom and a mom who is over weight, I am looking for the best food choices for my 5 year old son. My son went through a stage that was just pizza, nuggets, fries, and peanut butter & jelly. It was horrible! I did everything I could to make sure he got all the vitamins and nutrition he needed. I want my son to be healthy and never be in a situation to have to struggle to lose weight like I am.

Recently I came across this company called ‘Easy Lunchboxes’. At first I thought they were just containers and a cooler but I found that this company had a lot more to offer!

First, Easy Lunchboxes has a section called ‘Lunch Gallery’, which features over 300 ideas for lunch! I couldn’t stop going through them. Every time I turned around something else looked even yummier then the photo before. It is so hard to not get hungry looking at these photos! It doesn’t stop there!! Easy Lunchboxes is on Pinterest and there are well over 2,000 pins for lunch ideas. There is no way you could ever run out if ideas!

I have two jobs and one of them is stocking overnight. I usually am put in the Paper & Plastic sections so I am well aware of the types of containers that are out there. Some are super cheap and would crack easily or are really flimsy.

I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect when I received the Easy Lunchboxes.  The price is only $13.95 for 4 containers and to be honest I wasn’t sure how durable these could actually be for such a low price. A lot of company’s claim high quality products for a low price and most of the time the information is false. However, That is not the case here.

I was beyond impressed of the weight and thickness of these containers for the extremely low price. Comparing some of the other containers we have in the house I was really impressed that these were a much better!

The Easy Lunchboxes are BPA- Free & FDA Approved

EasyLunchBoxes_002Something I really like is that these containers stock nicely whether the are opened or closed. This is something I find very helpful when choosing a product like this. I want to be able to save as much space as I possibly can. Some of us are limited space and this is something that really does come in handy!!!

EasyLunchBoxes_003 EasyLunchBoxes_004I love how Easy Lunchboxes offers a cooler that will FIT the lunchboxes. Not every company does that! I personally love that I can not only have these awesome containers but I can choose to purchase a cooler that was designed for these containers.

I wanted to start testing the Easy Lunchboxes out right away but I had to wait until I went until I was able to go food shopping. I decided that I would just make my son his basic lunch

EasyLunchBoxes_005I made my son a  hoagie with out all the goods! He has Tavern Ham, Mozzarella Cheese with mayo. His snacks are Jello & Doritos. His 2 favorite things! Not what I would call super healthy but it’s much better then the nuggets and pizza!

EasyLunchBoxes_006 EasyLunchBoxes_008EasyLunchBoxes_007My son was super excited about trying his new Easy Lunchboxes out! I set him up at the table and he was ready to rip the lid off but I had to stop him to get my camera ready! Hehe, He rolled his eyes and told me to hurry. As you can see My son was happy and even gave these Easy Lunchboxes a Thumbs Up. These are Kid approved!!! Which should stand for something right? =) hehe.

Now I wanted to try the Easy Lunchboxes out for myself. I told you how I loved the quality of the Easy Lunchboxes but are they really that great? So, I finally went food shopping and picked myself up some goodies to try out the Easy Lunchboxes!EasyLunchBoxes_009 EasyLunchBoxes_010EasyLunchBoxes_011Here is everything I put into the containers minus the shrimp. The first 5 photo’s are for my salad. I am a cheese lover and almost everything must have cheese! I will die happy knowing that I love cheese!!! =P The last 4 photos are my little sides. I was really excited to enjoy my lunch with one container! No need to have everything at the table or to use multiple dishes! So far these Easy Lunchboxes are making a very good impression on this mom!

EasyLunchBoxes_012 EasyLunchBoxes_013 EasyLunchBoxes_014Here are the photo’s of my lunch! I sat with my mom and we talked about the Easy Lunchboxes and what we thought. We know my son Approved them and now you know, his mother approves of them as well. I was really happy that I could have my lunch in one spot and not have to worry about a lot of dishes to clean. Everything was right there. These are not just for kids. These are great for working moms. No reason so have all kinds of food all over your desk with a chance of knocking something over and ruining your paperwork. I couldn’t be happier. I am over all thrilled to have these in my home and I am honored Kelly, CEO of Easy Lunchboxes aloud me to review her product!

Kelly from Easy Lunchboxes is allowing me to give 1 set of containers and a cooler to 1 person.
If you are interest in purchasing the Easy Lunchboxes click here.  Amazon offer’s FREE SHIPPING. Just choose if you want the Brights or Classic Colors. Are you interested in the insulated cooler? Well Click here then! These coolers have FREE SHIPPING as well!! =)

Who doesn’t love Free Shipping???

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Disclosure: I received the products mentioned above in an exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are 100% my own.




  • Erika Moore

    Looks like a great lunch system that my daughter and husband could use!! Thanks for your review.

  • Alyssa C

    This would be a great lunch system for my daughter!

  • Risa White

    Looks easy to use and love that they are BPA free! That’s a biggie.

  • gigi

    This is exactly what I need to plan my daily meals…

  • Sarah

    What a neat idea love how they all stack together :) x

  • Lisa

    These look fantastic!

  • Dori

    My daughter has arthritis and the Easylunchboxes are perfect for her!

  • Jennifer H

    I own Easy Lunch Boxes and love them! They are easy to open, hold a lot of food and are easy for transport.

  • Jaclyn F.

    Oh I LOVE the fact that there is No BPA, Lead, Vinyl or PVC!!!

  • Chris

    I really like the 3 separate compartments in the container with a lid that keeps each item separate.

  • Dawn N

    They look like they make the perfect portion sizes! And you can keep it all in one container. Last year for my 7 yr old school’s year, I was using 3 or 4 DIFFERENT containers…that was a little tricky trying to pack it all. This looks so simple! Would love to have one.

  • audra bender

    awesome! i have been using their products for eight years, since my oldest was in Kindergarten. I have four kiddos and I love their containers! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Marlana Boyer

    These would be PERFECT for my kids! My little guy has a multitude of food allergies and this would make it soo easy for him to have his own container so no cross contamination from baggies on tables at school!

  • Michelle Halsell

    Entered. Thanks!

  • Lauren Dooley

    Best Lunch system!! My kids love this even my middle schooler

  • Kathy

    Love these! They’re easy for the little ones to open, they’re easily stackable, great for portions (and fun lunches)!

  • mandee

    This is the best system EVER!! I need more of these! Thanks for the chane to win some more!

  • Leah

    We’ve used these for 2 years for our son’s school lunches and love them! Our second son starts Kindgergarten next month, so we need more! They’re also great for taking a meal in the car, because the kids only have to hold one container. I’ve got 4 meals packed and stacked in the fridge ready to eat on the way to a ballgame tonight!

  • Michele

    This will definitely help with portion size as well! I do love that a cooler can be purchased as when away from home you want the food to stay at least cool if not cold!

  • Colleen P

    I really like that the 3-compartments are really deep so the food doesn’t get all mixed up together.

  • Angela Savin

    Just what we need with 3 kids going to school!!!

  • Lidia

    My son is starting school soon and he is a picky eater this will be awesome for us I can send him with his favorite lunch items in this cute containers

  • eclecticlamb

    Great review!

  • April

    Thanks for the review

  • Vera

    Healthy & affordable alternative to store bought lunches! Perfect for my 3 kids & hubs.

  • Dana D

    I’ve been looking at these for a while. I would love to win them! :)

  • Laura

    How cool are these?! I love how everything is divided so you don’t mix your food.

  • Becca

    Very cool! I am going to head over and check out the Lunch Ideas now!!

  • Carrie Kirschner

    These look amazing and easy. Great, simple way to pack a healthy lunch. Thanks!

  • karen

    I have a set and I love them.

  • Jessica

    I have seen them on Pinterest and will now follow them! Would love to have a set for my family :)

  • Pam

    I have a set of easy lunch boxes that we have been using for three years now. We love them.

  • Alannah Linton

    No BPA, Lead, Vinyl or PVC!

  • cynthial1956

    Love these boxes! I have always been a fan of divided containers. These dishes make it easy to keep to your diet and also fun for your children to have a lot of different choices. Great review

  • finajenny

    great review… I actually use this as organizers :) they are great lunchbox and sometimes organizers too with small stuff inside the house or the girly things.

  • pamatiw

    What a great idea. I can see why these would really work and make things easier.

  • Victoria

    This is great. I would love to have one of these.

  • Jutta Lenihan

    I’m a lunchbox fanatic! Even if I don’t leave the house, I make my lunch in one :)

  • jude

    would love to win these!!


    These are neat!

  • Sarah

    What a great idea love how they have the different compartments! x

  • Victoria

    I was just telling my SO about how we should get this for our oldest for when he starts school.

  • mommasbacon

    I love the compact compartments and cooler totes. Pick me! :-)

  • Krista

    I love that they are BPA-free and easy to use and control portions!

  • Staci L.

    I would love to have one of these for my daughter who starts K-4 this year!

  • cindy b

    Wow this looks really handy! love the pics! xo xo

  • Tracy

    This is exactly what I need to get my kids back on track for school lunches.

  • Amber Mabry

    My kids would love these!

  • Because I can’t and don’t eat like most of you… I take my lunch with me where ever I go. This would work out perfect for me, especially with the dividers in the containers.

  • Stormy

    HOW did I miss this? Soooo fantastic!

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