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Review: The Baby Box Company

Have you ever heard of The Baby Box Company?
If not, I have to say I really like their concept. It’s a bit different but isn’t.

When preparing for my son to arrive almost 7 years ago, I was stressed. I wanted to be sure I had everything I needed for my baby.
There is just so much you want to have on hand it starts to freak you out and if you are strange like some (meaning me), you just may have nightmares of dancing baby products.

The Baby Box Company has 5 different boxes you can order and what i called The Classic Box.

I was really shocked by the size of the box. I didn’t realize how big it would be. I will admit, I was impressed with the size.
The box also comes in this cute pattern. Who doesn’t love cute elephants. I mean they are just adorable!!!

So when I opened the box it was filled with goodies. There was a box filled with samples and coupons, which is great for expecting moms. There were a few magazines and tips for a safe sleeping baby.

So inside the box you have the mattress, a lovey, 2 BPA Free pacifiers, 1 onesie, a swaddle blanket, a health care kit, socks, a hat, a bib, washcloth, mittens, and a burp cloth.

I thought everything that came with the box was great. A great selection of items that any expecting mom could use and could always use extra of.

I thought the Healthcare kit was aways. I am a huge fan of Safety 1st. I bought all their products when I had my son in 2008. They are a great company and really care about their products and what their customers think. The Avent soothies (aka pacifiers) are like the ones from the hospital. My son loved them and most babies do. You can never have too many of them.

The box inside the box was filled with coupons and samples. You had Boogie Wipes, Preggie Pop Drops, Dreft, Weleda and much more. Babies are expensive so coupons are a must and lets admit, who doesn’t love samples? Great way to test a product out for expecting/new moms.

Everything that came in The Classic Box was great. I loved the little owl. He is just too cute.

The box got me thinking about the uses of it. This could make for a great baby shower gift. The best part if you can go a few ways with it. If you get any of the boxes you can go out a fill it up with odds and ends for the baby. It already comes with a bunch of goodies, so you can either leave it as is or add a few items to make it a bit more personal.

But that got me thinking. Some folks have a wishing well at their baby shower and it gets filled with certain items or all kinds of items. People may request books or diapers but you could also ask for items for the baby box. Have it left open at the shower and have a guest drop an item or two in it and by the end this baby will be set.

Which also led to another thought. Us moms like to keep a box filled with baby stuff. I have a box filled with my sons stuff. First outfit, shoes, cards, announcements, ultrasounds, photos, the whole nine yards. This box would be great for store some of your babies items when they no longer are needed.

This box is so versatile you can’t go wrong. With all of the amazing ways you can go about it the baby box as another feature. In the box is a mattress. It’s there for your little one to sleep in. Please, you do NOT put the lid on. No lid when child is in the box. The box is light weight, great to take with you so your infant doesn’t have to sleep in their carseat when at families or friends.

I truly would have loved to show you this baby box in use but Baby girl was sick and in the hospital. However, I hear she is home and feeling a bit better and that she loves the little owl.
I hope she makes a fully recovery.

Be sure to check out The Baby Box Company. They are amazing and have created such an awesome product and you can totally build off of it. Makes for such a great gift!

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Disclosure: I received the products mentioned above in an exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are 100% my own.



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