Jaiden’s Little Book of Blessings by I See Me

The struggle is real!
That is the reading struggle of course!!
What in the world did you think I was talking about?? =P

Jaiden is in the first grade and sadly the Philadelphia Schools are over packed and understaffed.
It is what it is but some children suffer from this.

Kids learn in all different ways and I am first to admit my toughness on my son. I am tough and I am very strict!
I have no shame in admitting this. I know my temper gets the best of me at time but I see entirely too many parents that don’t care about their children’s education.

Something I have learned about my son is that he LOVES when his picture(s) or name is in a book! He things it’s the greatest thing next to pizza and fries!!!
I kid you not! He LOVES it!!! And that brings me here today with Jaiden’s Little Book of Blessings.

This book is from I See Me. I See Me has a huge series or books that you can personalize with your children’s name and photo through out the book.

This book does include God. I am not going to get too much into that because everyone believes in different Gods and such.
Jaiden’s Little Book of Blessings is a simple book that is all about kindness, love and treating others the way you want to be treated.

If you are not a religious person I still believe this particular book is good for any child. It’s just a great way to remind children to be kind to all people and animals. To be thankful for the food we eat and to just enjoy life.

Jaiden really enjoyed this book. He loves that is name is throughout the book and that his photo is in the front.
Jaiden doesn’t know about God but he’s learning. He’s only 7 and he understands the book and the meaning behind the words.

The illustrations in this books are stunning. The illustrations are very well done and fit the book well. They are soft and not overly bright.

Each page has I guess what you may call a title for the following text. I want to share with you my personal favorite.

Helping Hands
Jaiden, Bless your hands forever more to do a chore, hold a door, sweep the floor, serve the poor…
Helping out is what they’re for!

It’s a very simple passage and it is extremely well written that a 7 year old can understand.

Jaiden has had a tough time with his reading and I continue to push him. However, knowing that Jaiden loves books with his name and pictures in them I can go to I See Me and get books I know will encourage my baby to read. He’s learning to love reading and when he got his new book from I See Me… I have never seen him SO excited about a book!

He wants more and I can’t wait to get him more!!
Every child is different. They learn different ways and at different paces and as a mother who struggled with reading and school in general I totally get it.

Continue to push your children. I know it can be hard but be their rock!
I See Me has out done themselves! They gave my son a reason to love reading and are helping me instill values in my son!

He is such a happy boy and just loves his book!
I See Me has many other items besides personalized books. Be sure to check them out for their personalized gifts, personalized books, growth charts, lunch boxes, and all the other goodies they have!!!

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Amanda Kee


  1. Reply

    Tammilee Tips

    April 9, 2015

    I remember how exciting it was for my nephews to be able to read their own names when they were younger! What a fun book for him to get to read. I love anything that gets kids reading with how many electronic distractions there are these days.

  2. Reply

    Cara (@StylishGeek)

    April 9, 2015

    From the title alone I could tell that this is an awesome book and worth looking into for my little nephews and nieces, while trying to get my tween to read it to them! I love stories that are animated and give out an important lesson. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Reply

    Amy @ Will Run For Ice Cream

    April 9, 2015

    We love to read. And I love personalized books. I got one for my son, and he loved it. I’ve never heard of this one though. It sounds like a great book. And he will love the illustrations.

  4. Reply


    April 9, 2015

    Many public school systems are understaffed. I teach in one! many of my students struggle to read but I agree that if a book has their name in it, they really want to read it! This sounds like a great book and the pictures that you show are really well done.

  5. Reply


    April 9, 2015

    This is such a cute idea for a gift! I have three god children and I am going to get them this for their gift next easter!

  6. Reply


    April 9, 2015

    These ISeeMe books are soooo cool! My (soon-to-be) two year old niece received one of these books for Easter last year and it’s been her favorite book to read at bedtime since that date. She’s tiny but demands that she be read her ISeeMe book! They’re on to something and that’s awesome that your little one is learning to read with his book, I bet my niece will want to learn to read her ISeeMe book first as well. :)

  7. Reply


    April 10, 2015

    Great post! There’s just something special about having a book with your name in it. I once had a book made for me where I was the main character in the story and my parents couldn’t get me to stop reading it. Hey, whatever it takes to get a child to love to reading, right? Glad to see that you’re finding ways to keep Jaden engaged even when the school system is not doing it’s part.

  8. Reply

    Fi Ní Neachtáin

    April 12, 2015

    How awful that your sons school is understaffed but well done you mama for paying such close attention to his education and wanting the best for him. We love to read too, our son has quite a library and he’s only 2! I really like the sound of this book and the illustrations are super sweet too.

  9. Reply


    April 21, 2015

    Jaiden can be a kid model, what a cute boy you have. I love the idea of kids being able to see themselves a the hero or being part of the story, as I think that can really open up their imagination and also encourage them to read. I also love that book teaches them about God. Great review!

  10. Reply

    Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    October 7, 2015

    I absolutely love it. I am a huge sucker for anything that is personalized anyhow, but when it has the kids names on it, I want it.

  11. Reply

    Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    October 7, 2015

    How awesome is that?! Personalized books are a great way to show a child how much you care and to keep them interested in reading.

  12. Reply

    Melissa Pezza

    October 7, 2015

    I love books like this. I got a personalized book for my daughter, and it’s been her favorite ever since. I think I’ll have to get one of these for my son.

  13. Reply


    October 7, 2015

    My kiddo would love this! He is learning how to read right now and this would inspire him to read more!

  14. Reply


    October 7, 2015

    I wish these had been a thing when my son was that age. I would have loved to have gotten a book like that for him when he was little.

  15. Reply


    October 7, 2015

    The content of the book sounds very sweet and very helpful at the same time. Your son will learn so much. And it is so nice that the books are personalized. I remember seeing similar books years ago, and kids do get so excited when they see their name in the book.

  16. Reply


    October 7, 2015

    I love I See Me! They have the greatest stories and adding your kids name takes it to the next level. Great gift idea!

  17. Reply

    Liz Mays

    October 7, 2015

    That’s great that you know there’s a book he’s happy to turn to for practicing his reading. His smile shows how much he likes it!

  18. Reply


    October 7, 2015

    The twins also love their I See Me books. They were so thrilled when they saw their names in the book.

  19. Reply


    October 7, 2015

    My kids got books with their names used in them for Christmas last year. They loved that they had their own books with their own little stories.

  20. Reply

    miss (@thedealmatch)

    October 8, 2015

    My kids love to read and they usually check out new books once a week. They are so interested in illustration

  21. Reply

    Tatanisha Pitts-Worthey

    October 8, 2015

    How cool!! Kids would absolutely get excited seeing their names on books. I just love personalized stuff, this would be a very nice gift!

  22. Reply

    michele d

    October 8, 2015

    I love personalized books for children. My children have a few and they love showing it off at school. This book sounds adorable. I bet your son loves it!

  23. Reply

    Chubskulit Rose

    October 8, 2015

    I love his dimples, what ahandsome young fella. I love personalized books like this!

  24. Reply


    October 8, 2015

    I love personalized things and I always prefer to give them as gifts. That personalized book is definitely a great gift to give to my son as well as my nieces and nephews. Love it!

  25. Reply

    Shanéy Maharaj

    October 8, 2015

    He is so adorable. My nephew’s name is Jaiden too, :) I love personalized gifts. Would be a great Christmas gift.

  26. Reply

    Shanéy Maharaj

    October 8, 2015

    He is adorable! My nephew’s name is Jaiden too. :) I love personalized gifts, perfect for Christmas.

  27. Reply

    Ann Bacciaglia

    October 8, 2015

    This looks like a great book. I have a few birthdays coming up soon. This will make a great gift.

  28. Reply

    Erin (@SugarCrumbs)

    October 8, 2015

    What a sweet book and I love that it’s personalized! He looks so content reading it!

  29. Reply

    Jesica H

    October 8, 2015

    These would be perfect for my niece and nephew! Thank you for the idea!

  30. Reply

    Mimi "MimiCuteLips" Green

    October 9, 2015

    This is such a cute idea, I’ve seen several and I love them all. This is a great gift idea.

  31. Reply

    Rebecca Swenor

    October 10, 2015

    This indeed is a great gift for any child. I love the personalized gifts and it is awesome they have more than the books to offer. I will have to share this with my sisters.

  32. Reply

    Krystal's Kitsch

    October 14, 2015

    We have a few of these books for my son. The personalization is such a fun idea since now he can recognize and read his name!