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There comes a point in time when our little ones start to grow up and we no longer need to buy diapers.
Now, we are sad to see them grow up so fast but we are totally about to have a ‘My kid is potty trained’ party! Haha

The thing is, even as our babies grow up and grow out of diapers. They don’t out grow messes.
My son is 7 and I still like to buy a bag of Huggies wipes every now and then.

I use Huggies wipes for so much more then just my babies bum…. Well not his bum so much now as before, you know, when he was a baby. Haha!

Once my son was out of diapers I thought I would never use wipes again. I was so wrong!

Having Huggies wipes on hand has been a life savor. They are great to have on hand for those sticky little fingers! =P When we go to the bank the folks that work there often give Jaiden a taffy. Well of course Jaiden is getting his face and hands all sticky. How?!? I have no idea. But having Huggies wipes on hand has been a huge life savor.

They are also great to have laying around the house when kids eat any messy meals. Some how my son will manage to make a mess of almost anything. Huggies wipes are great because they make clean up easy. No wetting paper towels that will rip or using your favorite kitchen towels.

They are also great for when we love to bake. I love baking so when I bake, of course we have to lick the bowl from the batter and eat some of the left over frosting. This of course is also a big mess maker with the little ones! Hehe.

But… Huggies Wipes are great for other things!

If its a hot day and you are a bit sweaty, they are great to wipe the sweat and dirt off of your face and arms… maybe even arm pits! =P They are also awesome for wiping down counter tops, appliances and cabinets.

Another little trick that found is that its great to get rid of powder build up. My mom loves her baby powder after a shower and it builds up on the wood in the bathroom! Using Huggies wipes, I was able to scrub the powder off and then polish the wood so it looked fresh and new!

Huggies has so many more uses! I love using Huggies for my everyday needs!
What about you? How would you use Huggies wipes for your everyday life?

Check out this awesome video on 101 ways to use Huggies Wipes
Huggies for Life in this household!




  • Heather

    I have a three and a six year old and my six year old needs wet wipes as much as my three year old. I too thought I wouldn’t use them after potty training and both my kids are out of diapers now and I use them just as much. In fact we just keep a container of wet wipes on the dinning room table because we know how messy they get during meals! I think it will still be many years before I’m not buying them anymore.

  • I love wipes a little too much. We have a pack of wipes in almost every room because they are great for so many uses even if you don’t have a baby in diapers

  • Kelly Hutchinson

    When my kids were little, we were on one income, so money was so tight. The one thing we did not skimp on was their diapers and wipes. We were a Huggies family all the way as well!

  • Dina Demarest

    I love these wipes. My kids are older but we us them to clean baseboards, tables, mantles, fans, counters, toilets. I mean we use them to clean the entire house. I need more so I can make the kids clean!

  • Tammileetips

    I love to use Huggies wipes when we travel they are great at cleaning us up in pinch when there is no water or soap. We have used them to freshen up in super-hot environments as well. I love the soft packs they mold great in our luggage for packing.

  • Stephanie Pass

    I always keep a pack of wipes in my purse, even after mine have all potty trained. You’d be amazed at how much even my 11 year old needs a wipe every now and then. Huggies are always so soft and fluffy.

  • Melissa

    I seriously go through soooo many wipes! We have them in the bathroom, the car, the kitchen, the playroom….everywhere! They never tear and the can get anything out of anything!

  • ohnikkiitsy0u

    We’re a strictly Huggies household here. My cousins had very sensitive bums and Huggies were the only brand that they could wear without an allergic reaction. Out of precaution, that’s all my son wears and we’ve never had an issue, thankfully!

  • Aileen

    I actually think that my mom used Huggies on me when I was a child, and now my sister in law uses it for her children too. I’m pretty sure I’ll be joining that bandwagon when I get to have kids in the future ;)

  • sign4baby

    Oh we are far removed from diapers but we still buy wipes too! Just so handy to have something quick to clean up around the house and in the car. I feel like having no diaper bag means I at least need to have wipes.

  • There are so many amazing uses for baby wipes even after the baby years. I still buy them!

  • Cara (@StylishGeek)

    I love your post and can totally relate to it! Ever since we started using diaper wipes, even if our child is all ready all grown up, we still buy them! We keep a pack in the car, a pack in every bathroom, and every where else! We bring them when we travel, when we go on a road trip, etc. They are awesome to use!

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