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How I Became a Blogger

How I became a blogger? That is the question today and a question I have received many many times before. How I became a blogger! The thing is, it just kind of fell into my lap. I had no desire to blog or how much it entailed. I had a friend ask me to Design her blog for her. Which resulted in pretty much the same question I am going to answer for you.

How I became a blogger? That is the question today & a question I have received many times before. And today, you can find out how I fell into this job! #Blogger

Becoming a blogger isn’t a simple 1,2,3 task. I thought it was and here I am a few years later still learning and fixing my mistakes. I am a bit OCD and I have been going through old post and updating Pinterest Images and fixing the featured photos, categories, and tags. The first thing I can tell you, it’s a lot of work. It’s not as easy as one would think.

How I Became a Blogger?

While I was designing my friend’s blog. she had suggested I start one. I then asked the same question I am answering now. How? First, let me give you a little back story. I was about 12 or so when my dad had gotten us our first computer and it was then I had fallen in love with graphic design. I loved taking photos of celebrities and blending them together, adding cool texture effects and some fun fonts. After that, my love for graphic design grew. I went onto Myspace and worked on a bunch of pages to design goodies for those who wanted. I designed layouts, icons, and wallpapers for your computers. It was a lot of fun!

When my friend had asked me to design her blog and suggest I become a blogger, I just went for it. I dove right in and no idea what I was doing. I guess I shouldn’t say it fell in my lap, as it was more like I face planted into it.

How I became a blogger? That is the question today & a question I have received many times before. And today, you can find out how I fell into this job! #Blogger

That’s how you became a blogger?

Pretty much. I had a ‘blog’ of sorts on and when I decided to really go for it, I had moved over to WordPress and got myself hosted. I then started I reviewed products that I had already owned and got myself started before contacting companies for reviews. I thought blogging was going to be an easy job and let me tell you I was totally wrong.

If you are looking to become a blogger, I suggest you don’t do anything I did! The first thing you want to do is your research. Becoming a blogger isn’t an easy task. You have to have the patience to get where you want to be in the blogging world. I don’t and some days I still feel like I should quit because no matter what I try I can’t get where I want. I am lucky enough to have so many blogger friends who are always telling me not to quit.

Though blogging is tough I have to say I love it. Being able to write what I want and express my opinion on things that I like and think are important, it’s great. If you put in the effort it will pay off.

Well, that’s how I became a blogger!




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