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Holiday Gift Guide: Strider Bike 12″ Sport

Learning to ride a bike can be a bit scary for any child.
My son still has training wheels however he isn’t into bike riding like that so he never real learned.

Well, Strider is an amazing company that has come up with what I think is a genius idea.
They created a bike for little ones without any pedals.

The 12” Sport Strider is recommended for 18 months to 5 years.
I can agree to this. Though my son is almost 7 and he was testing this bike out. Jaiden and his cousin Larry and their friend Syd all had a blast.

Putting the Strider Bike together was super easy. The 12″ Sport comes with a second seat for the older kids. Having a second seat is awesome because the other seat is tiny and would be more suited for a younger child. The kids were excited because as I said the first seat was tiny and hurt their bums. If you look at the pieces holding the back tired on you can see the grey patches on the yellow metal. They remind me of sandpaper. This is where the child is to put their feet so they don’t slip off.

The tires on the Strider Bike are made out of EVA polymer. They are durable and help for a smooth ride for your little one. The best thing about the EVA polymer tires is that it never needs air.

Here is Syd taking a turn. At first she was a bit confused about the concept of the bike until she actually tried it. All of the kids were looking at me like I was coo coo. But I am not. Haha.

Clearly you can see Syd is a bit tall for this bike. However, all the kids wanted to try it out and there is no way I could say no. It’s all about having fun right?

Hehe, As you can see they were all having fun. They were chasing each other around and just having a blast. No worries about our street either. =) The kids all looked before they went out there. Plus I was there and we live on a tiny street.

My nephew Larry wanted to be the show off and one hand it here. Haha Gotta love em right? =)

Now it was time for Jaiden. Jaiden has never been into bike riding much. He is younger than Larry and Syd by 3 years and tries to keep up with them. He lacks confidence and gets easily discouraged. So with Jaiden still having training wheels he isn’t too huge of a fan of riding a bike. This is where the Strider Bike comes in.

Having the Strider Bike will help teach Jaiden how to balance. As you can see Jaiden tipped over but no big worries. He is close to the ground and his big cousin was right there by his side.

Syd came over to give Jaiden some tips. They boy were helping Jaiden along which I think was adorable. Jaiden still has some learning to do but I know with the Stride Bike he will do just fine. We want to get out more but it is a bit cold here in PA and the wind has just been horrible.

Syd was all smiles and just having a blast. She thought the Strider Bike was just the coolest thing ever.

Haha. The kids were being goofy and trying to figure out who was going to go next. They were seriously all just having a blast with the Strider Bike.

Jaiden had decided to give it another go. He was a little sad he couldn’t get it but we all just reminded him he has to try or he won’t get it . =)

Larry on the Strider Bike.

Jaiden on the Strider Bike.

Syd on the Strider Bike.

Lastly, all the kids got together for a group photo.

The Strider Bike is more than a bike. It’s a tool. It is here to help us help our children. I have tried teaching Jaiden how to ride a bike and it’s not that easy to teach that. The Strider Bike makes it easy for my son to learn to control his body. Controlling his body is a key part of learning how to ride a bike and that is what the Strider Bike provides. It helps parents help children with balance. Once your child is able to keep their balance on the Stride Bike they will be able to ride a bike before you know it.

At the end of the day Jaiden was proud and couldn’t wait to give it another go.
The Strider Bike is very beneficial and I recommend it to any parent. Though my son hasn’t gotten the hang of it just yet, I know he will long as he keeps at it using the Strider Bike.

Any child would be happy to have this under their tree this year.

Side Note: I am aware the kids do not have their helmets. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, ALWAYS HAVE YOUR CHILDREN PUT THEIR HELMETS ON.
We are in the middle of re-organizing the basement and the bikes and helmets were all the way in the back and I had no way of getting to them.

So please remember SAFETY! Thank you!!

Be sure to check Strider Bike out on their website and social media.
Website | 12″ Strider Bike | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Disclosure: I received the products mentioned above in an exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are 100% my own.




  • cherdeniise

    That looks like so much fun!

  • Amanda Love

    I love all your photos and the kids sure looked like they were having a LOT of fun. Just look at the smiles on their faces. I love Strider and own one and my toddler just loves it.

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