Holiday Gift Guide: Aeveka Night Crème

Let’s talk skin.
Mainly the skin attached to our faces. =P

I was recently introduced to a brand by the name of Aeveka.
Aeveka is a new company that I can see becoming larger then life. Aeveka is a skincare company that prides in being all natural.

Aeveka Night Crème is Organic, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Eco Friendly, No Animal Testing, Non GMO, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Formaldehyde Free, Phthalates Free, and Made in USA. WOW, That was a mouth full. So all natural! =D hehe.

The following information is taken straight from the website.
” This Night Crème is a deep moisture anti-aging night creme packed with a superfruit blend and an antioxidant tea blend. Helps to lift, hydrate, and promote collagen production regenerating skin overnight.
Contains Vitamin A, a natural retinol, which diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and helps eliminate pigmentation, sun damage and dark spots.
Organic dark cherry juice is a natural anti-inflammatory that builds collagen and is high in concentration of Vitamins A, C, and K, essential vitamins in keeping skin youthful and radiant. This creme protects against free radical damage, caused by exposure to the sun, which can accelerate skin aging. Helps to even out your skin tone and brighten your skin.
Pharmaceutical grade Co-Q10 reduces the signs of aging, neutralizes free radicals and keeps skin cells healthy.
Containing Organic Green Tea potent antioxidants, this serum helps to fight damage caused by free radicals and neutralizes damage that is done by UV rays.
Organic Hibiscus Tea helps diminish sun spots, improves complexion and prevents wrinkles. Hibiscus Tea is a known natural botox containing preventative properties that firm and tighten the skin.”

The first thing I got when I opened the Aeveka Night Crème was the amazing scent of oranges. That is all I can smell when I am using this product. It smells so amazing. It literally reminded me of pouring a glass of orange juice. It smelled so good I wanted to eat it. Haha.

The Aeveka Night Crème is orange which is interesting since it smells like oranges. Back to the product. I have combination skin. I have dry patches like my forehead and my nose is oily. I started using the Aeveka Night Crème a few weeks back and since then I can tell there is a difference in my skin. First thing is I feel like my pores aren’t as large. My skin is super soft and smells amazing. I don’t get a lot of pimples as is except for when my friend visits but I have noticed I am not getting as many as I was either.

With the cold weather my skin has been getting dryer then normal. The Aeveka Night Crème has helped my forehead a lot. My forehead use to flake it was so dry. It was frustrating. By using the Aeveka Night Crème every night the flaking forehead is pretty much no more.

Now when I first started using the Aeveka Night Crème I have to say my skin was a little bit bothered by it. I don’t use a lot of my face especially if it is something filled with chemicals. I don’t wear make up except stuff for my eyes because I hate the feeling of stuff caked onto my face. I rather deal with redness and my freckles and pimples then the feeling of clogged pours and feeling like I have powered caked onto my face.

So when I first started using the Aeveka Night Crème, my skin was a little bothered. I had a bit of redness but it’s a new product and I wanted to give it a chance so I was very happy I kept using it. The redness has gone away and my skin feels amazing.

Now Aeveka has an entire line of skin care products. I did rieceve sample of the other items in the line and I have to say just by using the sample I love them. The Day Crème… OMG, Smells like cucumbers!!!
Everything was smelling amazing and making me hungry. Now I want cucumbers and ranch dressing. Darn it! HAHA

So my thought… I love it! Like I really love it!!
If you have some ladies in your life who might want some new skin care products for Christmas, be sure to check Aeveka out.
Be sure to check Aeveka out on their website and social media.
Website | Aeveka Night Crème | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Disclosure: I received the products mentioned above in an exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are 100% my own.

Amanda Kee


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    Amanda Love

    November 29, 2014

    It does sound like a great product. I don’t use much products on my face since I have very sensitive skin. I wonder if it will work for my skin. Thank you for the review because it’s good to know that your skin was bothered by it when you first started using it.

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    December 15, 2014

    Love this product! Used it before and so have to get it again.