Glittered Easter Eggs

One thing that I love about Easter is all the spring colors! I love how the pastels sit with each other and just make my day brighter. Crafting is something I am always up for and who could resist some Easter egg crafts? I have a ton of glitter so I thought Glittered Easter Eggs would make for a fun and messy craft! I had glitter everywhere! Haha!

Glittered Easter Eggs have been around the blogs but I have to say, I had fun doing it. I have this super cute Easter basket I use for decoration and it needed to be filled with something. Putting in plain plastic eggs wasn’t an option so I decided Glittered Easter Eggs would be perfect. It was simple and it just gave it that extra something special to make it perfect.

Supplies Needed

What would Easter be without Glittered Easter Eggs? It's time to get crafty and add a touch of Glitter to your life! #Easter #EasterCrafts

Layer Eggs with Mod Podge & Glitterfy them!

You can do this two ways. The first was is with your eggs opened and the second is with the eggs closed. I preferred to do this with the eggs closed. Hold the bottom of your egg and coat the top with Mod Podge. Begin to sprinkle your glitter over the top of your egg where you coated with Mod Podge. Be sure to do this over paper or a plate. If you are using the Opalescent Glitter you can just roll your egg in it.

Let the Egg Dry

Before repeating the first step on the other half of your egg, spray the half you finished with a little hair spray. This will help hold the glitter in place so any extra doesn’t fall off. Be patient and let that half dry before continuing. Once dry, repeat step one.

Embellish You Glittered Easter Eggs

You can add ribbon or jewels to your Glittered Easter Eggs if you choose. I had some Diamond Ribbon that I used to embellish some of mine. It was something simple and it added the perfect touch to my Glittered Easter Eggs

Display your Glittered Easter Eggs

Now it’s time to display your creation You can’t do all that hard work and not display them. Whether it be an Easter basket, vase, or a nice glass bowl, you want to display them and show them off!

What would Easter be without Glittered Easter Eggs? It's time to get crafty and add a touch of Glitter to your life! #Easter #EasterCrafts
These Glittered Easter Eggs and were so simple to make! Just be patient and let them dry. As you can see there is a bald spot on my Yellow Glittered Easter Egg because I was not patient and wanted to finish them. Opps! Naturally, I had glitter all over me. Oh well. Glitter is fun! hehe

Display your beautiful creation proudly and enjoy your holiday!
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Disclosure: I received the products mentioned above in order to complete this craft. No other compensation was provided.

Amanda Kee

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    AnnMarie John

    April 10, 2017

    I just love glitter, and everything is so much better with glitter isn’t it not? These are so simple and the kids would enjoy making them too!