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Giveaway: Scentsy

Back in March I did a review and giveaway for Scentsy!
I absolutely love my Scentsy Consultant!! She is amazing and always looking out for the customer! Making sure I get the best deal and all!

Well my giveaway was such a hit that I wanted to do another one for you all!! I love my fans all so much and if it wasn’t for you all I wouldn’t be here today! You are what keep this blog going!!

So this time I am giving away 3 Scentsy bars!!!


Here are 3 Scentsy Bars I will be giving away – Thank you, Sticky Cinnamon Bun, & Newborn Nursery.
These bars smell amazing! All very strong and are some of my favorites!!

I love Scentsy and how it makes our home smell. They have so many scents and they last so long. Most of the scents will last 3-4 days with just one cube so you really get your money’s worth!!!!

Click here to see my review I did of Scentsy. Be sure to check it out!!

Starts — 06.01.14 Ends — 06.15.14 — US & Canada — 3 Scentsy Bars
Be sure to check out my Scentsy Consultant Charlene Marinuk

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  • Ashley Atkinson

    I would choose Lucky in Love
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • kaitlin

    Blueberry Cheesecake

  • Jessica Baas

    My all time favorite Scentsy fragrance is Linger!

  • Kimmi

    I would choose the Apple Pie scent! Mmm :)

  • Kayla Levere

    I would Choose Coconut lemongrass :)

  • Maggiemae

    Sugar Cookie

  • Karen C. Hill

    Havana Cabana scent

  • Lisa Neutel

    I love scentsy!!! My fave scent is welcome home

  • Carolle H

    I would try mandarin:)

  • Judy Mitchell

    Blueberry cheesecake is amazing.

  • denine clark

    Anything with vanilla!!

  • Donnas

    I would probably choose coconut.

  • JaimeeM

    Im not sure as ive never used scentsy before, i saw someone post ‘coconut lemongrass’— that sounds really good!

  • Robyn Bellefleur

    Sticky Cinnamon Bun!

  • kelseyapley

    Cinnamon Bear, I have smelled that and it is amazing!!

  • susanrobins40

    I would choose something from the Scentsy Spa fragrances….like Mellow Moments. Thanks for the Giveaway Amanda!

  • Amanda

    My all time favorite Scentsy scent is blueberry cheesecake!

  • angela m

    I would choose sugar cookie

  • billy johnson

    apple press

  • Paula H

    I love polynesian dreams!

  • alexiscorinnepgd

    I have cinnamon bun, but I’m wondering what the other ones smell like:D



  • Annie Mai

    I love my Kahiko Hula bars :D

  • Amy Lumley

    My favorites so far are lucky in love, welcome home, and newborn nursery, but I would love more of a summer scent right now ;) Something fruity

  • padgettlp

    I choose Sticky CInnamon Bun

  • Ashley C

    I’d want to try out the Black Raspberry Vanilla. The Blueberry Cheesecake sounds like it’d smell really good too, though!

  • Mary

    I haven’t tried anything Scentsy but have been wanting to. Anything with Vanilla, citrusy, sweet, or summery.

  • Addie F.

    I’d try the Luna scent, definitely!

  • edmontonjb

    Sugar Cookie!


  • Susan B

    Black raspberry vanilla sounds wonderful!

  • kristineewald

    Blackberry vanilla :)

  • Toby

    Sticky Cinnamon Bun

  • Mochadoodle is amazing!

  • Kayla Gilbert

    I like Blueberry Cheesecake and Sugar Cookie scents.

  • Alicia Silva

    Another awesome giveaway! Since I’ve tried quite a few scents, I want to try something different this time. I’d love to try Simply Rose, Caramel Pear Crisp and Cherry Vanilla.

  • Priscilla Benavides

    I would definitely choose Lavender!

  • Gillian Morgan

    I would like to try anything vanilla or coconut

  • Jamie G


  • Claudette Lariviere

    my favorite scentsy wax is Birthday Cake..:)

  • crystal quibell

    blueberry cheesecake!

  • Megan F.

    Birthday Cake. I need something that is not too strong or my son will get headaches!

  • Sarah Forrester

    I would choose sticky cinnamon bun.

  • Natasha Severson

    anything coconut!

  • Brenda Penton

    I’d choose Havana Cabana

  • Dawn Rader

    I love the sugar scent!

  • Kim DeCoste

    LOVE mochadoodle

  • Theresa

    How cruel to ask for just one lol but I guess Orange you glad is ONE of my favorites.

  • cheshy

    I’d like to win! :)

  • kathy downey

    Coconut lemon grass , would love this

  • Glogirl

    I would choose Sticky Cinnamon Bun.

  • Sadie B.

    I like the jumpin’ jelly bean scent.

  • Juliee Fitze

    I would choose Mandarin I really like anything citrus.

  • Ashley Irby

    Sugar cookie is awesome! :)

  • aly3360

    I would choose Apple Pie. I love baked good scented things. They smell so good. not quite as good as fresh baked goodies, but still so so good!!

  • Heather B

    Happy Go Lucky or Mochadoodle.

  • Joanne Saunders

    I think I’d like the Luna scent the best.

  • Stormy Gonzalez

    I am literally waiting to see how amazing Scentsy is right now. I swear, I feel like I could love so many of the scents! I can’t wait to try them … ALL! :)

  • rachel

    I love cutiepie cupcake!

  • Amy Lovell

    love by the sea!

  • Joan Penfold

    I would choose the French Lavender. Lavender makes my bedroom smell relaxing and helps me sleep.

  • Sticky Cinnamon Bun sounds delicious! I would absolutely LOVE that one!

  • kelly mcgrew

    weathered leather! I love deep musky scents that stick around! :)

  • Chris Stockford

    I would try Sugar Cookie

  • sarah o.

    lemon grass

  • Robin Wilson

    I’ve never tried them, but either Coconut Lemongrass or Happy Birthday sound awesome!

  • Jill D.

    Baked Apple Pie

  • Alana Vester

    German Chocolate! I saw that it’s one of the scents coming back for the BBMB.

  • jessica hager

    Havana Cabana

  • joanna smith ovalle

    german chocolate

  • Erin M

    Every Scentsy scent I have ever smelled has been fabulous! My favorite would have to be Carmel Pear Crisp!

  • Sarah @ Living As We

    So many amazing scents to choose from! I think the Lemons and Berries or the Cherry Limeade would be great. Thanks!

  • Jeanette

    Watermelon mint

  • missbobloblaw

    I;d choose Sugar Cookie!

  • Jackie Thompson

    Sweet Pea smells great!

  • Pam

    I would choose the perfectly pomegranate.

  • Hailey Bond

    To be honest, I miss the Root Beer Float and the Orange Dreamsicle

  • mamamayor

    I would choose watermelon mint,

  • Leah Lucas

    I love the Luna scent!

  • laurbolduc

    I would choose the red candy apple scent!

  • Crystal Renee

    I would pick Awakening!

  • gayle gildehaus

    Coconut sounds good to me.

  • Lorie Sanders

    route 66, vanilla suede, and shaka

  • Jessica

    I would choose Sunkissed Citrus!

  • Amy Orvin

    Blueberry Cheesecake

  • christine

    Love anything vanilla!


    I would choose Blueberry Cheesecake

  • Celeste

    I love my home to smell like anything freshly baked, so anything to fit that theme!

  • Michael Lambert

    I would choose lemon.

  • Christina Strapp

    I would like to try the lemon Verbena.

  • Dreena

    “Satin Sheets” is what I’d select.

  • Julie Bolduc

    I like welcome home

  • Michelle james

    Hmm the Beach one. But blueberry cheesecake a close 2nd

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