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Freezed Dried Fruit by Fruttata

I love my fruits and veggies! I didn’t always but as I got older I did. I am def more veggies then I am fruit.
I have never tried freezer fired fruit. Have you? The thought of it seemed weird too me! hehe

This is where Freezed Dried Fruit by Fruttata comes in.

As I have said I have never tried dried fruit before. I always thought it was weird to me.
I got Pineapple Crisps and Apple Crisps from Fruatta. They are all natural, no added sugars and gluten free.

I know a lot of folk love products that are gluten free! For me personally it doesn’t bother me either which way but I know some folks it does so this is def a plus!

I can’t lie, I was a bit putt off by the way these looked. These are the Pineapple Crisps. Now I didn’t try these ones because i was really put off by their look. However, I asked my sister in law to try these and get her thoughts. I know she likes dried fruit. She loved them! There was no saving the Pineapple Crisps for anyone!! She said they were sweet and very flavorful and didn’t taste like cardboard like others brands she had. Now those were her words! Did NOT taste like cardboard! I think I would say that is a good thing!

Now I wasn’t scared of the Apple Crisps! Haha, I know I am strange and I am totally okay with that!
Like my sister in law said, they are sweet! They don’t taste like cardboard! She also enjoyed the apple crisps as well!

She even used them in some pancakes to jazz them up!

So overall we both were impressed! I won’t even lie! I totally thought they would taste like cardboard but they didn’t! Not at all so YAY!
Four thumbs up for Freezed Dried Fruit by Fruttata!

Be sure to check Fruttata Crisps out! Only $1.79 for an individual bag! =)
You can order them on Amazon or pick them up at your local Duane Reade and Costco stores!

Disclosure: I received the products mentioned above in an exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are 100% my own.




  • kathy downey

    I love dried fruit,thanks for sharing this post

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