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FMSPhotoADay Week Two

I’m back!!!
As I mentioned in my last post I was a little behind on week two photos but I am all caught up!

Now, if you have no idea what I am talking about…. Haha
I decided to do the FMSPhotoADay challenge.

I choose to do the daily prompts from Fat Mum Slim
Be sure to check them out. I have to say there are some really creative shots popping up.
My creativeness is missing at the moment. Hopefully it will find it’s way home soon.
FMS Photo A Day Week 02
Here is the list of Week 2 Prompts from Fat Mum Slim
Hope you enjoy my photos!!!

FMS Day 005 006
January 5th & 6th – Square/Round
I choose to combine these days as I was not really sure what to do and I didn’t really have anything creative to share. Plus I honestly don’t see anything square in my room or much round for that fact. This is my sons signed Flyers Hockey Puck by Vincent Lecavalier #40

FMS Day 007
January 7th – Currently Reading
I am a huge James Patterson and right now I am re-reading the Woman’s Murder Club series.

FMS Day 008
January 8th – Landscape
I haven’t gone anywhere recently to take a landscape photo. I mean it is the dead of winter here in PA. So I choose to go through some of my old pictures and I found this one. The sun was setting but it’s all grass and trees. Simple and so beautiful.

FMS Day 009
January 9th – Pattern
This is one of the 3 blankets I am making. I am following a patter as far as the stitches go but I am designing my own look with stripes and colors. I am really excited how it’s turning out do far.

FMS Day 011
January 10th – Hello
This one is pretty self explanatory. Hehe. I was trying to catch up so I could blog my photos and well this is what I got.
So yeah… Hello!!! =P

FMS Day 010
January 11th – I See…
This is what I have looked at all day. I been sitting at my desk doing Art History Homework, crocheting, photo editing, eating, drinking tea, blogging and watching CSI Miami.

This is the end of FMSPhotoADay Week Two.
I really hope you all enjoy the photos and be sure to come back and check more out.

Remember to follow me on Instagram for my daily life photos!
Always see what I am up too! =)

I am also working on an Instagram Auction to raise money for Theresa. I wrote about her last month here. Be sure to check that out.
Be sure to check the Auction out. Lots of amazing shops are donating items to help raise money!




  • Nancy

    I have always seen these photo challenges around instagram/twitter/blogs. I have never participated because it gives me a nervous stomach ache – because what if I don’t know what to take a picture of all those days? LOL I am the weirdest, I know.

    Also! I’m loving that you knit! I have a couple of blankets from my Mom’s aunts that knit and unfotunately they’ve since passed away – so I cherish them soo so much.

  • Angelic Sinova

    I LOVE photo challenges! I completed the 100HappyDays challenge last year and it was so much fun! Even now I like looking back at those photos and reliving the great memories <3

  • growingupmomma

    What a cool challenge, and I love your landscape photo! Has me dreaming of spring lol.I have seen these photo prompts around for so long, but am always nervous I won’t be able to keep up so I never even start. Maybe I’ll hope on over to Fat Mum Slim and see what it’s all about! Thanks :)

  • MAD Hippies Life

    We are avid amateur photographers and take landscape shots every week. We have discussed getting involved with a photo challenge project, just haven’t done that yet. I adore your landscape shot, but they all are great!

  • lesvoyagesdumonde

    What a great photography challenge. I love challenges because at the end you are able to see how much you’ve grown in terms of skill, technique and creativity!

  • ninjette102

    I am obsessed with photo challenges! I was actually going to start a blog challenge on my blog. I started it once and then never finished so I will be trying again! LOL btw i love james patterson gahh!!

  • Mama to 5 BLessings

    What a nice array of photo’s – describing life! I like the sky one best!

  • coolchillmom

    A a fun and cool challenge. It really captured so much of you and what you are seeing.

  • Julie

    I love photo challenges like this. Thanks for sharing. I can really relate to your “I See” photo

  • Nice planning! I’m bad at taking good pictures.. always depend on my daughter to send me hers :) I have to challenge myself and getting ideas from your post.

  • lisa @bitesforbabies

    I feel the same way as the first commenter…I never know what to take pics of. I know I put way too much thought into it but it just gets too stressful for me, lol!

  • Penny Struebig

    Love the picture of the sunset and also the books. I just got a new camera a few months ago and need to learn more about it. Taking a picture a day would be a great way to do that.

  • Cara (@StylishGeek)

    Wonderful pictorial recap! I tend to do the same…knit while watching my favorite show on Netflix. Love those lazy ‘me’ time days! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Lisa Rios

    I love Photography so much, as my Husband is pretty good in it. These pictures are really awesome. I love the Landscape & the Pattern in particular, the way those bright colors has been captured. Great job!

  • I love doing these sort of photo challenges on Instagram and stuff, they’re so much fun! Loved all of your pictures, they’re very nice! My favorite was the landscape picture! So pretty, love sunsets!

  • Cherri Megasko

    What an interesting way to keep yourself motivated to experiment with your photography skills! I need to tell my husband about this. We got a new camera and he needs the practice.

  • Aisha Kristine Chong

    That landscape shot is super wonderful. I love a great photography! It’s so nice how motivated you are with it.

  • Fi Ní Neachtáin

    I love photo challenge, I like that this has all different topics for each day. The sunset looks beautiful.

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