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FMSPhotoADay Week Three

This week was I was a bit behind in my photos.
Actually, I got all the photos together just now. Haha

Welcome to FMSPhotoADay Week Three.
YAY 3 weeks, we made… only 49 more to go! =P

FMS Photo A Day Week 03
The FMSPhotoADay Week Three Prompt is so cute. I love the colorful pineapples and the watercolor feel to them.

Okay, here we go… FMSPhotoADay Week Three!

FMS Day 012
January 12th – Bright
I have these christmas lights I bought to do photos with my son a few years ago. I pulled them out for Christmas since we needed some lights since the ones in the doorway stopped working. Well, they were in the closet in a box and my closet is packed! I did not want to put them back, so I made use of them. I hung them around my desk. I am going to make some adjustments to them but for now they light up my room and make me smile.

FMS Day 013
January 13th – Lucky Number
I don’t have one. I know the number 4 is not my luck number but that is all I got. =)

FMS Day 014
January 14th – New
Jaiden got some Toys R US gift cards for christmas from his grandparents and he bought himself a small toy and a Kindle Fire HD 6. He was extremely happy!!! Can you blame him?

FMS Day 015
January 15th – Old
About 11 years or so ago I worked at a pet store. There was this woman, Mona, that worked there. She was like a grandmother to everyone. She took care of the small pets and birds. She was truly the sweetest. She bought me a bunch of things for my birthday this one year and this sign was one of them. I have almost everything she gave me still. I will always cherish this!

FMS Day 016
January 16th – Nature
I love shooting nature. It is one of my favorite things to photograph. But there is something magical about a rain drop. I can’t describe it but there really is something so amazing about them.

FMS Day 017
January 17th – Jump
I am a tough mom. I have grilled manners into my sons head like no tomorrow. I have done everything I can to mold him into a respectful, kind and loving little boy. In the process I sometimes forgot he was a child. And children… need to be children. They need a carefree world and be able to smile about nothing and everything. So what was a little mud puddle going to hurt? His clothes? His shoes? Sure… But even then, the mud can be washed away and an amazing memory is created. A smile that is just so genuine you can’t produce by asking him to smile. I’ll take dirty clothes and ruined shoes for that smile any day!

FMS Day 018
January 18th – Today Is…
Just one of those days. I long weekend with a sick child and lack of sleep. This is all i needed to help me survive.

That completed FMSPhotoADay week Three.
Be sure to check back next week for week 4. =)

Also follow me on Instagram for photos daily. I try to share a lot =)
FMSPhotoADay was created by Fat Mum Slim – Be sure to check it out. I am always behind and playing catch up, but I know at the end of the year.. It will be fun to look back on these photos. Even if it’s just a photo of Tea and Advil.

Also, Reminder, I am hosting an Auction on Instagram @Treatmeant4Tree. Be sure to check it out as I will have some amazing items going up for auction. All proceeds are for a good cause. We are raising money to help a family with Medical Expenses.




  • Amanda Love

    I kinda love this photo challenge. I would love to do this with you as well. Love all the photos.

    • AKee88

      Amanda, you should totally do it! It’s really fun. I get stuck a lot but I love looking back at all the photos I took =) That is assuming I keep up with it! =P

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