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FMSPhotoADay Week Four

I am here with FMSPhotoADay Week Four
YAY! We have made it a whole 4 weeks. How awesome is that?

Okay, so being realistic, I totally just took these photos the other day and went through some old photos.
What can I say? At least I am being honest, right?

Anyways, Welcome to FMSPhotoADay Week Four!
I am happy that you made it back to the blog to check out my awesome post!
… well you make think it sucks but personally, I think it’s totally awesome! hahaha =P
Hope you all enjoy! <3

FMS Photo A Day Week 04
Here we have the FMSPhotoADay Week Four Prompt.
If you are interested in joining in on this challenge please check out Fat Mum Slim.

 FMS Day 019
January 19 – Homemade
I love anything and everything that is homemade. Here we have Chicken Pot Pie and I must say it was amazing! I have had it before but it was never homemade and well frankly I thought everything about it was just gross. Well I grew up, my tastebuds changed and now I love it!

FMS Day 020
January 20 – Window
This is a shot from my bedroom window of the houses behind us and their windows. Of course it was snowing so I ended up having a bit of fun and totally love this shot!

FMS Day 021
January 21 – In a Row
This photo is a bit older and has been my cover photo for some time with a beautiful quote. As a graphic designer, we are to do some drawing and such. So i have my awesome sketch book and my beautiful pencils.

FMS Day 022
January 22- Collection
I don’t have many collections. However, when it comes too books, I have a boat load. I love to read. I find the turning of the pages and being able to disappear into another world to be amazing!

FMS Day 023
January 23 – Something Far Away
This is forever ago. Jaiden just turned seven and of course it made me take a trip down memory lane. This was far far away and I have to say I miss this!!

FMS Day 024
January 24 – Play Time
I love watching Jaiden play and photographing it. Something about capturing those moments where he is in the zone with his imagination makes my heart melt. I wish they could stay little forever and stay in that place.

FMS Day 025
January 25 – Black & White
I love black & white photos. They are my favorite and show so much emotion. I have a few around my room but this one, I think will always be my favorite. You can actually read about this day right here.

There you have it. FMSPhotoADay Week Four.
I hope you all enjoyed this week’s photos and come back to see the next week.
Hopefully I will be on time this time around! Hehe

Have a great day everyone!!



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