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FMSPhotoADay Week Five

FMSPhotoADay Week Five has arrived!
I am seriously loving all these pics folks are sharing.

Now. mine aren’t as creative as other’s but that’s okay.
Overall I am very happy with my photo’s because that are mine and they tell my story and show my life.

I hope you all will enjoy FMSPhotoADay Week Five and be sure to check out the previous weeks.
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FMS Photo A Day Week 05
 The FMSPhotoADay Week Five prompt is so adorable!!
Okay, let’s begin with the photo sharing! =)

FMS Day 026
January 26 – Three Things
Naturally I had to use my EOS Chapstick for this. I actually have a lot more then this. Hehe I love them!

FMS Day 027
January 27 – Alarm
Ahh, The dreaded alarm. I really wanted to hit that snooze button. But instead I got up and took this photo! Haha

FMS Day 028
January 28 – Strange
Haha, So I needed a photo for strange and my sister in law sent me this. Hahaha I think it works perfect, just sayin! =P

FMS Day 029
January 29 – Summer/Winter
I think this one is pretty self explanatory. These are older photos naturally but some of my favorites.

FMS Day 030
Januar 30 – Favefood
I decided to go with a drink since it was in front of me. Hehe, I sure do love my coffee!

FMS Day 031
January 31 – Top
I was so stuck on this one. I wish I had one of those top toys but I didn’t. So I photographed the top of my Aveeno Moisturizer. =P Not very creative, I know!

FMS Day 032
February 1 – On my plate
Mmmm Food!! This is a yummy dinner the boyfriend made for me! =) It was so yummy

I can’t believe I have done this for 5 weeks so far.
Granted I have been behind and end up posting them all in one day a week after that week is up, but they are getting done!!
So, that makes me smile.

I really hope everyone is enjoying my photos. This is just a little taste of my daily life!
Be sure to check out my other FMSPhotoADay photos!

Thank you for stopping by! <3




  • kathy downey

    These photos are amazing

    • AKee88

      Awww, why thank you!!! =D

  • This sounds like a wicked fun challenge!! And is that fried chicken that you boyfriend made? It looks delicious.

  • lesvoyagesdumonde

    I love photo challenges. You are able to document your life, tell a story and improve! Great photos

  • Thanks so much for sharing your photos. I feel the same way when I hear an alarm go off, lol. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  • Olivia Douglass

    This is so fun!! I noticed the EOS balls first, those are my favorite by far ;). This looks like something fun to do and post about, thanks for sharing.

  • Kelly

    Love your photos, such a fun idea! Those macarons looks so pretty and the chicken looks delicious!

  • iamtanyalara

    I love your day in photos! :) Oh that alarm! If mobile phones weren’t expensive, I’d throw mine against the wall each morning. :(

  • Freya

    These are all really cool theme photos. I especially love your summer/winter photo really cool.
    This looks like a really fun initiative.

  • Michele

    These photos are really quite good and you are showing in them what you are supposed to be doing for that day! And that is a lot more then I would be able to do!

  • beautiful photoss .. u r really good

  • Heather

    Beautiful pictures! They do tell your story! I now have a craving for fried chicken!!

  • I love your photos!!! I love the EOS and the alarm photos.

  • Courtney

    Ahhhhh photo challenges can be so fun!!!!! And ughhhhh that fried chicken looks delicious ;-)

  • Michelle Hwee

    What cool photos! I love the food pic and the EOS, something about them is just so pretty! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  • tammileetips

    I have not participated in a photo challenge before. It’s always fun to see what people post and share during them.

  • XmasDolly

    Now ya done it! NOW you done it! I love fried chicken, mash potatoes and corn. My favorite dinner in the whole world, but as I said NOW YA DONE IT! I’M HUNGRY! SHEESH!

  • The Mad Mommy

    Very awesome pictures! That fried chicken looks so awesome! I am totally hungry now.

  • Angela Christopher

    What a cute challenge! Your photos are great

  • Mary O'Malley

    What a fun photo challenge. I love them all! I like the one of the chicken dinner too, that looks pretty darn tasty. Can’t wait to see the next ones. :)

  • Kiwi

    I love EOS balms! I am borderline obsessed I cant get enough myself!

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