My Favorite Meal is Now To-Go

 As a working mom I am always on the go and recently I started looking for a second job. This just means I am going to be on the go even more than usual. The worst part about being on the go is missing out on those good home cooked meals or even when we order out. Now, Thanks to Reynolds Heat and Eat containers I can take some of my favorite foods with me.

I’m a foodie. I have no issues saying food is the way to my heart! There is no lie there! I love food and I am perfectly okay to admit that! Haha. My body even shows that I love me some good food! Haha, No Judging! =P Sometimes we have really good meals at home and Id love to take them to work with me. However, I take the train and walk so to have to remember to bring home a container can be annoying at times! This is why Reynolds Heat and Eat containers are perfect for me!


We have this little Papi store down the street from me and their Steak and Rice is truly amazing. The steak just falls apart and melts in your mouth. I love getting extra juice on mine and topped off with hot sauce! I would love getting this for my break at work, However, the container can’t be heated up. This is the sad part about ordering some good food!!


Steak and Rice is a such a simple and yet filling meal. You get a good amount of steak with loads of rice. There are peppers and onions as well and with the extra juice and hot sauce, you can’t go wrong. Its also very affordable, which is perfect for this single working mom. Plus it becomes a little treat for myself.


Thanks to Reynolds Heat and Eat containers, I can purchase my favorite food from the Papi Store, pack it up and head off to work! Then, I can just toss the container! No worries about remembering to bring home a container or forgetting and losing my containers… Which Ive done plenty of times.

Now, I don’t have a recipe for you but you can a bunch here on the Reynolds Page. And don’t forget to grab your Coupon!!

Amanda Kee