Chicken Lasagne Roll Ups

I love anything that involves cheese. I can not begin to express my love for cheese.
Maybe I can, If I could marry cheese, I probably would! Haha

I love Lasagne and my sister in law and I are both huge fans of Pinterest. While browsing we came across Lasagne Rolls ups. We already had all the ingredients for Lasagne so when we made the Lasagne we decided to save the extra noodles so we could make these roll ups!

I mean Chicken Lasagne Roll Ups… Come on, you can’t tell me that doesn’t sound amazing!

This was so fudging good! I didn’t want to use the other F word so I chose Fudging!
This seriously so simple to make and it is a quick and easy dinner. Great when you have left over Lasagne noodles!

The ingredients you will need are as followed!
»»      Lasagna Noodles      ««
»»      Sauce (of your choice)      ««
»»      1 Pack of Softened Cream Cheese      ««
»»      Whole Oregano Seasoning      ««
»»      Parsley Seasoning       ««
»»      Shredded Cheese      ««
»»      Grated Parmesan Cheese      ««
»»      Shredded Chicken      ««
»»      1/2 cup of Milk      ««

Inside a bowl add the softened cream cheese, milk, shredded cheese and seasonings. Mix them all together. As I have said in other recipe post, we don’t really measure here. We kind of just add seasoning until we find the perfect taste for us. We are cheese lovers so we added a bunch of shredded cheese. Add as much as you’d like.

Once you have this all mixed add your shredded chicken and mix that all together. The chicken we just baked in the oven and let cool off and then shredded it.

Layer your pan with sauce before beginning the rolling process.

Once you have your mix done and ready, lay out your lasagne noodles and take a spoonful of your mixture and put it at the top of your noodle. Leave a little space at the top to start the rolling. I am so hoping that made sense because I totally failed to take photos of the rolling deal. No natural light so all my photos were turning orangy and well that made me mad!

Add your noodles to the pan as your roll them. Once all your noodles are added to the pan top them with a little bit of sauce and cheese. Once you have topped them with cheesy goodness pop them in the oven just to heat everything up and melt that yummy cheese! We used Italian Blend shredded cheese for this. But of course, use whatever you prefer!

Once they are all cooked and everything is heated and melted you will end up with something like this. I can not tell you how amazing this is. It’s super simple and a great way to use left over noodles! You could even do this with shells!

This was a HUGE hit in out house. Everyone loved it and the kids were asking for seconds!!
I hope you are able to get a chance to try this and if you do be sure to come back and let me know how you like it

Plate used is from Cheeky Home which can be purchased at Target! Be sure to check out my review on Cheeky Home here. They are an amazing company working for an awesome cause!!!

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Amanda Kee