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Cheeky Home Tableware

Who doesn’t like pretty tableware?
I mean, I know I do. I love taking food shots so pretty tableware is a must.

But who here hates doing dishes?
Yeah, me too!!

Cheeky Home is this AMAZING company that has disposable tableware.
But they aren’t just another company who has disposable tableware. They are different. Much Different!!

Cheeky Home is not just another company. They have a cause.
Cheeky Home created their line of disposable tableware with style and fun colors. However, They did something bigger!
One purchase = One meal.

For every Cheeky Home Purchase they will help donate a meal to someone in need, right here in America!
Cheeky Home is such an amazing company. Most of us get to eat every day. We get the pleasure of having 3 meals a day that are healthy and fresh. Not everyone can. I see homeless people more often than i’d like. You don’t know what their situation is. Most people who are homeless are homeless because of employment loss.

Sadly when people see homeless, they think it’s their fault and that isn’t normally the case.
But even then, there are people who have homes and no food. It’s not easy.
I remember a time I was struggling when my son (who is almost 7 now) was just a toddler. I had my apartment, my bills were paid but there wasn’t much left. I used what money I had to feed my son and not myself. Everyone deserves a meal. Everyone deserves a second chance at life. You would be surprised how a little kindness can go a long long long way.

Cheeky Home is an amazing company trying to help feed those who need it.
I love seeing companies who give something back. Being from the US, it’s nice to see companies give back to this country.
Hunger is a problem and no one and I mean no one should ever go hungry.

Cheeky Home is hoping that in 2015 to donate one million meals.
I think they can and will do it! Do you?

I have been working towards a healthier me. With that I have been posting my meals on Instagram with what I am eating and their calories.
I have been using my Cheeky Home products in my recent pictures. Eating better is new, so I only have a few photos but be sure to heck them out.

Cheeky Home is a great company. Their products are fun and stylish but not just that. The have an amazing cause to end hunger and these products are durable. I have used them for cereal, hot meals, and soups. They all help up. Not flimsy at all and there was no leakage through the plates with my egg plant pasta.

Cheeky Home can be purchased at Target.
From what I have seen all their products are $3.99.

$4 = Pretty Product, Durable Product, Saves you money on Dish Soap, Water, Electricity (dishwasher), and you can help participate in giving back to end hunger.
All of that for a mere $4

If you live alone you can purchase the bigger plates (pink trim) and that can last you an entire month if you use them for dinner.
An entire month of not having to clean dinner plates. I mean of course you will have dishes for cooking but its just a little less and in the long run, that is helpful!!

Cheeky Home tableware is recycleble too. I mean is it possible to get any better?
To help end hunger choose Cheeky @ Target.

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Disclosure: I received the products mentioned above in an exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are 100% my own.




  • Amanda Love

    Oh man I love these dishes. Not only are they cute too but they give back. Who doesn’t love to support a company that gives back. That’s totally awesome!

  • Angela

    Very cute designs! I love that they give back with every purchase. It is great when companies can help with a cause like that.

  • Michele

    Those really are very pretty and I love that they are recyclable. I Really love that they give a meal for every item purchased to someone who really needs one in the US. Are they only sold at Target? Where else can I get them?

  • Theresa

    We host a lot of parties, so I love that they are available in fun patterns and colors. And their charitable spirit is admirable!

  • Rosey

    Initiative s that help with hunger are always good and welcome. I love companies that give back , I know we all do, but this cause especially gets my support too.

  • Fi Ní Neachtáin

    I love the designs Cheeky have. I hate doing the dishes too, I really wish we had a dishwasher because it’d make things SO much easier! It’s great that these plates are recyclable too, I think that’s really important when it comes to disposable items.

  • Nancy

    If I had an unlimited supply of paper plates for life, I’d probably eat off them too. I usually stock up on them after Christmas at box stores, or even the dollar store (although very filmsy) has really pretty ones too. How do the Cheeky ones hold up for heavy plates of food?

  • tammileetips

    I love those patterns. It makes the meal more fun if your plate ware is fun as well. Plus it makes the Instagram photos really pop, as well as no dishes to do as well.

  • rochkirstin

    Everyone in our home helps to clean and wash the dishes after every meal. One is tasked to wash, while others are tasked to wipe off the dishes dry and then put them back to the cabinets. It’s great to use disposable tableware especially when there’s a party at home and there will be several guests. Recycling them is also a nice idea. Whoever has thought of that must be a real genius. :)

  • Lauren R

    These are such cute designs for paper plates! I find that it is so hard to find cute plates for parties that are actually sturdy and functional. These look like they’d be great in all 3 categories! Thanks for the share!

  • Natalie

    I’m all about paper ware, means less dishes that I have to wash and just simply toss out! I love how colorful these are, no one likes boring colors or just plain white. These would be perfect for the kids birthdays coming up and makes for very easy cleanups.

  • Michelle Hwee

    Wow what cute and colorful paper products! I love using paper ware, it helps reduce clean up time and is overall pretty clean in general. The colors and patterns of these are just so much fun and a pleasure to use! I will definitely be checking them out, thanks for sharing them! :)

  • Yona Williams

    My Mom has been doing the disposable dish thing for a while now. She started when she went out of town and wanted to make it easy for my Dad to maintain on his own. There are some really cute styles out there. I love that Cheeky donates a meal to someone in need.

  • kireilauriel

    What a great concept! The patterns and colors of each plate are gorgeous (and I bet make eating a lot more fun :) ); I really love the multi-colored solid striped one. I can see them really enlivening a party or picnic, or even being re-purposed for colorful art projects. And that’s awesome that they benefit the community as well. <3


  • MJ

    I’m not a big paper plate user however I am sold on these. I love a cute plate but the fact that this company donates a meal for every sale is wonderful. I can’t imagine what it feels like to not have food. You are so right about people having a home but little left over for food and other things that should be there. And then the homeless. Thanks for sharing this story. I will be purchasing the next time I’m in Target.

  • Erika Moore

    I love the designs, price, and the fact that they give back! Super generous!

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