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All about that BUM! Getting clean with Cottonelle

The bathroom…
The room that can be the most wonderful amazing and possibly the most horrifying place ever!

Today we are going to talk about our bums, butts, booty’s, the rear or whatever it is you would like to call it. =P
I know for some talking about trips to the bathroom may seems… ODD. But for me it’s not. I live in a VERY open household when it comes to the potty! When we do go potty, which is often, we like to use the best products possible!
With that, I bring you Cottonelle.


Review: Sky Rain Soap

Why hello Adorkablii Fans!!
Long time no see! I am sorry for the lack of posting as I ran into some computer issues. My computer screen had a very attractive crack from one side to the other forming a half circle… =(

Bummer right? Well on top of that my laptop has been extra slow and I can’t figure out why since it is totally cleaned out! BLAH!!! That is all I have to say about that!!!!

The reason I am here is to introduce you to a company by the name of Sky Rain Soap.
Sky Rain Soap is this great shop I came across on Etsy and let me tell you she has some of the most amazing soaps!


Giveaway: Scentsy

Back in March I did a review and giveaway for Scentsy!
I absolutely love my Scentsy Consultant!! She is amazing and always looking out for the customer! Making sure I get the best deal and all!

Well my giveaway was such a hit that I wanted to do another one for you all!! I love my fans all so much and if it wasn’t for you all I wouldn’t be here today! You are what keep this blog going!!

So this time I am giving away 3 Scentsy bars!!!


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  • Growing up Christmas was all about the Peanutbutter Blossom Cookies
  • One thing I love to do is buy DVDs and
  • Would you like the chance to win your very own
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  • Eating healthy can be a bit challenging at times Here