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FMSPhotoADay Week Four

I am here with FMSPhotoADay Week Four
YAY! We have made it a whole 4 weeks. How awesome is that?

Okay, so being realistic, I totally just took these photos the other day and went through some old photos.
What can I say? At least I am being honest, right?

Anyways, Welcome to FMSPhotoADay Week Four!
I am happy that you made it back to the blog to check out my awesome post!
… well you make think it sucks but personally, I think it’s totally awesome! hahaha =P
Hope you all enjoy! <3

FMS Photo A Day Week 04

FMSPhotoADay Week Two

I’m back!!!
As I mentioned in my last post I was a little behind on week two photos but I am all caught up!

Now, if you have no idea what I am talking about…. Haha
I decided to do the FMSPhotoADay challenge.

I choose to do the daily prompts from Fat Mum Slim
Be sure to check them out. I have to say there are some really creative shots popping up.
My creativeness is missing at the moment. Hopefully it will find it’s way home soon.
FMS Photo A Day Week 02

FMSPhotoADay Week One

I am sure almost everyone has heard of the photo challenges out there.
You have 365 or 52. You have a few designers/bloggers out there who like to create list for you to give you a prompt.

I have done some in the past, never fully succeeded. In fact, I am trying again this year and I am already behind!
Haha Go figure! However, I am hoping that me blogging my photos will help. I have my photos done, I just have to post them which I will hopefully do tonight!

So I choose to go with the daily prompts from Fat Mum Slim
FMS Photo A Day Week 01

  • Are you expecting a sweet little bundle of joy? If
  • Growing up Christmas was all about the Peanutbutter Blossom Cookies
  • One thing I love to do is buy DVDs and
  • Would you like the chance to win your very own
  • As a single woman who suffers from depression and anxiety
  • Eating healthy can be a bit challenging at times Here