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Top 6 iPhone Photography Apps

Do you love taking photos on your iPhone? What do you do when it comes to editing them? Today I share the Top 6 iPhone Photography Apps I love to use!!

When it comes to phone applications, we all have our likes and dislikes. It depends on what we are using them for and if they fit our style. I have tried many photography/photo editing apps but no matter how many I try, I always resort to using the same 6. So today I want to share with you my favorite Top 6 iPhone Photography Apps. Carrying around a big bulky camera isn't always a fun idea. It can actually be a bit annoying at times and we do it because we want to capture those special moments. Now, I believe most of us use our photos to capture special moments as well. Plus it's pretty easy to share them right away unless you have a camera the...

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St. Michael’s Fair in Levittown PA.

I personally have never been the kind of person to go to a fair or amusement park.
I am not into rides and I am terrified of heights. I like my feet planted to the ground or as close as possible.

Well when the St. Michael’s Fair opened up here in Levittown PA, I was excited.
Not because I wanted to go, but because I wanted to take my son and nephew. And well, I did just that!


FMSPhotoADay Week Five

FMSPhotoADay Week Five has arrived!
I am seriously loving all these pics folks are sharing.

Now. mine aren’t as creative as other’s but that’s okay.
Overall I am very happy with my photo’s because that are mine and they tell my story and show my life.

I hope you all will enjoy FMSPhotoADay Week Five and be sure to check out the previous weeks.
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FMS Photo A Day Week 05

  • Growing up Christmas was all about the Peanutbutter Blossom Cookies
  • One thing I love to do is buy DVDs and
  • Would you like the chance to win your very own
  • As a single woman who suffers from depression and anxiety
  • Eating healthy can be a bit challenging at times Here
  • I absolutely love getting invitations and cards in the mails