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Crazed Valentines Day Mom Special

This past week was a bit on the crazy side.
The weather, as usual, went from nice and sunny but still cold, to freezing you butt off.

I have dealt with my son’s issues in school.
He had 3 half days due to parent teacher conferences. We had a lunch date with my dad. The day after we had his meeting and he is in danger of failing math and reading. I knew this for about a week or so now. I wish I was told sooner but its good. I got this!

I have my blog that I am busting my butt on and my own homework, which of course I am behind on.
Do you know what I do?

If you said forgot Valentines was today, then you my friend… Are Correct!!!

I welcome you to the Crazed Valentines Day Mom Special!

FMSPhotoADay Week Five

FMSPhotoADay Week Five has arrived!
I am seriously loving all these pics folks are sharing.

Now. mine aren’t as creative as other’s but that’s okay.
Overall I am very happy with my photo’s because that are mine and they tell my story and show my life.

I hope you all will enjoy FMSPhotoADay Week Five and be sure to check out the previous weeks.
If you are interested in joining the fun, be sure to check out Fat Mum Slim

FMS Photo A Day Week 05

FMSPhotoADay Week Four

I am here with FMSPhotoADay Week Four
YAY! We have made it a whole 4 weeks. How awesome is that?

Okay, so being realistic, I totally just took these photos the other day and went through some old photos.
What can I say? At least I am being honest, right?

Anyways, Welcome to FMSPhotoADay Week Four!
I am happy that you made it back to the blog to check out my awesome post!
… well you make think it sucks but personally, I think it’s totally awesome! hahaha =P
Hope you all enjoy! <3

FMS Photo A Day Week 04

  • Growing up Christmas was all about the Peanutbutter Blossom Cookies
  • One thing I love to do is buy DVDs and
  • Would you like the chance to win your very own
  • As a single woman who suffers from depression and anxiety
  • Eating healthy can be a bit challenging at times Here
  • I absolutely love getting invitations and cards in the mails