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It’s Okay not to be Okay

As a 28-year-old single mother who suffers from depression and anxiety, I can tell you that Its Okay not to be Okay.

This post will be very personal. More personal than I have ever planned. I hope you can take a moment to hear what I’m saying and take it all in for what its worth. I hope you can gain some insight from my words. Before I continue, please excuse the mess. When it comes to explaining how Depression and Anxiety makes me feel, I get a bit lost. I feel as if I am unable to form a sentence. My words become jumbled and a bit all over.

It’s Time to be Confident Clean!

It’s one thing to be clean, but to be Confident Clean is another! Thanks to Cottonelle and Sam’s Club, I am not only clean but I am Confident Clean! When people think of Wipes, they think of babies. However, I use wipes for so much more than just when my son was little.

Wipes have become part of my daily life. From cleaning up messes, taking off make up, cleaning my shoes, and so much more! I love having my wipes around. I really do use them for just about everything!!

World-Class Pediatric Care Close to Home

Disclaimer: Many thanks to CHOP at Virtua for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to seek out their services when my child is hurt or ill.

As a mother I always fear the day my son becomes sick and needs to be taken to an Emergency Room. Now that I live in New Jersey I am thankful knowing that I can go to a local Virtua and receive World-Class Pediatric Care Close to Home thanks to Virtua and CHOP teaming up.


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