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8 Tips on How to Have a Successful School Year #StrenghtNotStress

Getting ready for school? Here are 8 tips on how to have a successful school year! #StrengthNotStress

Jaiden ended 3rd grade with a bit of a rough patch so we decided to make sure 4th grade was a better year with 8 tips on how to have a successful school year! Jaiden struggled some at the end of 3rd grade and it took some effort for him to bounce back. We didn’t want the same issues as last year so we decided 4th grade would be a better year and to do that we needed to get prepared and organized.

6 Ways to Embrace your Child’s Creativity

6 Ways to Embrace your Child's Creativity

As a creative being, I want my son to embrace his creative side. We all aren’t artist and that’s okay. We don’t have to be. However, children love to be creative, whether it’s coloring, drawing, or arts and crafts. They love to play around, make messes and create beautiful creations that we will forever cherish. Sometimes, as parents, we have expectations of our children and because of that,  I want to share 6 ways to embrace your child’s creativity.

6 Benefits of Playing Minecraft

Not too sure about Minecraft? Here are 6 Benefits of Playing Minecraft and why it's not such a bad game.

As a parent, I have my issues with video games. I grew up in a time where video games weren’t as popular as they are now. We played outside until the street lights came on. Our games were hide-n-seek and man-hunt. We hung out on the corner with our friends and just enjoyed life. However, today we live in a world of technology and for some of us, it can become a bit too much. My son Jaiden loves his video games, especially Minecraft. While I still don’t fully understand the game, today I want to talk about the 6 benefits of playing Minecraft.

4 Tips to Starting an Ant Factory

4 Tips to Starting an Ant Factory so your little one can have fun and learn.

As a kid, I remember sitting out front of my house, on the sidewalk watching the ants. They are the tiniest bugs I had seen and I thought they were just fascinating. A little creepy looking as well, but fascinating none the less. Even now, as an adult, I think they are interesting and that interested has been passed on to my son who now is very curious about ants. Jaiden has become so interested in them that he asked for an ant factory. With the ant factory comes responsibility and it's for that reason I want to share 4 tips to starting an ant factory. When Jaiden's GeoSafari Ant Factory arrived he was extremely excited and didn't want to wait. He was ready to set everything...

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