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Why Trick or Treating is No Longer for My Family

My choice to no longer Trick or Treat has become a bit of a heated topic for me and family. I decided this year to put my foot down and stand up for what I believe and what I think is best for my son.

I was just 19 years old when I gave birth to my son.
I was young and totally lost as what I should do as a new young mom. Not only was I young, I was alone. Here I am, at just 19, with a child and his father is not around. It wasn’t just hard, but it was scary.

As a new mom, I was bombarded with all kinds of unwanted advice and suggestions. Though the thought behind the advice was what counted, it was still unwanted. I often found myself trapped. I didn’t know if I should raise my son the way I saw fit or be a people pleaser and do what others thought was right.

This is why, now, after 7 years… Trick or Treating is no longer for my family.


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