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Superhero Popsicle Sticks

Sitting down & having craft time with my son is one of my favorite moments. We decided some Superhero Popsicle Sticks would be fun & we did just that! #PopsicleSticks #Superheroes

Crafting with our little one's is always fun. It's a great way to get those creative juices flowing and to use their imagination. As parents we want our child to see the world through a unique perspective. See things differently and find a unique way to solve a problem. I believe a child who gets to be creative and uses their imagination get the most out of life. Not everything is so text book. As a mom to a little boy, I get to craft things like Monsters and Superheroes! This is how we ended up with Superhero Popsicle Sticks! I personally love craft time. Finding the time to sit down with my son and come up with some fun creative things is always a special...

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My First Knitted Cowl

Being that I am new to knitting, I was super excited to make My First Knitted Cowl. My First Knitted Cowl was simple & fun. It was also new which was great!

I have always been one to crochet. I have been teaching myself to knit and a few months ago I made my first knitted cowl. I have to say I am pretty happy witho how this turned out. HAHA!!!! This is such a bad photo, but it will just have to do. I made this cowl a few months ago and currently, it's packed away so I can't retake the photos. =P What is a cowl exactly? In my terms...

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My First Knitted Baby Blanket

Being the crafty chick that I am, I decided to tackle knitting. Here is my First Knitted Baby Blanket and I have to say, I am rather proud!

I am a fairly crafty person and in recent months I have been teaching myself how to knit. I have made some hats but I have finally pulled something else off of my needles! My first knitted baby blanket!  I have to say I am pretty darn proud of this item! My mom tried to teach me for years how to crochet, however, I just never really had any interest in it though I have always been very crafty. Finally about 5 years or so ago I was able to pick it up and figured it out. I was able to make all kinds of craft things. She also knew how to knit. She had very long straight needles. Now since I was new to knitting I...

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DIY Tin Ornaments plus More

Crafts are fun and homemade gifts rock! DIY Tin Ornaments are a great way to create memories with your family and have a fun evening of ideas and crafting! 

Being that I am crafty person I love anything that is homemade. Homemade crafts and gifts take time and thought. When presented with homemade items, you know they are worth more than anything that could have been bought in a store. This is why I am bringing you my DIY Tin Ornaments plus more post! DIY Tin Ornaments are a simple craft that has endless possibilities and I want to show you! Since I am a crafty person, I see the potential in a lot of everyday items. It's so much fun to take everyday items and turn them into something beautiful. Now, I am not talking about everyday items here, but I just wanted to make a small point that I am a crafty person! Haha! So let's...

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