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DIY Geeked Out Initials

Crafting is fun but what do you do when you have a boy who just loves everything? You created these awesome Geeked Out Initials of course! #DIY

Do you love coming up with your own ideas to decorate your house? For me, it's always fun to make my own home decor. Someone else may have something like it but since it's made by me, its just more special. Jaiden loves a little bit of everything and I wanted to create some initials for him to hang on the wall.  So for us, we dedicated Geeked Out Initials was best! Creating your own home decor isn't as always as hard as one may think. Some projects may take some effort and time but a lot of decors can be really simple and fun. These Geeked Out Initials were a breeze to make and I am beyond happy with how they turned out. Even with...

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DIY Easter Goodie Bags with your Cricut

Goodie Bags are always fun, which is why I decided Easter Goodie Bags were a must this Easter! And I just love the way they turned out!! #Easter #Cricut #EasterCrafts

Do you have a Cricut Machine? If so, then this craft is for you! I have the Cricut Air Explore and let me tell you I love it! Making things with my Cricut is something I love! I thought since easter is right around the corner why not try to make some Easter Goodie Bags. These were fun to make and I love how they turned out! Whether you are hosting a party at the house for Easter or you are sending your little one to school with goodie bags, these DIY Easter Goodie Bags with your Cricut are perfect! They were so fun to make and I am so in love how they turned out! I think they are just so cute! You don't have...

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Glittered Easter Eggs

What would Easter be without Glittered Easter Eggs? It's time to get crafty and add a touch of Glitter to your life! #Easter #EasterCrafts

One thing that I love about Easter is all the spring colors! I love how the pastels sit with each other and just make my day brighter. Crafting is something I am always up for and who could resist some Easter egg crafts? I have a ton of glitter so I thought Glittered Easter Eggs would make for a fun and messy craft! I had glitter everywhere! Haha! Glittered Easter Eggs have been around the blogs but I have to say, I had fun doing it. I have this super cute Easter basket I use for decoration and it needed to be filled with something. Putting in plain plastic eggs wasn't an option so I decided Glittered Easter Eggs would be perfect. It was simple and...

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DIY Easter Mason Jars

Easter is right around the corner and I am super excited to share my DIY Easter Mason Jars. They are super simple to make and anyone can do it! #EasterCraft

Easter is right around the corner and, let me say this, I am so behind on my Easter Crafts. I did them, but getting them here just seemed impossible! Opps! I finally got around to getting my photos done and now I am here to share them with you! Today we have DIY Easter Mason Jars! These Easter Mason Jars were so easy to make that anyone can do it! Crafting is always fun for me. It's like I get into my own little world and get to create anything I want to create! With Easter right around the corner, I wanted to create something simple that would hold our Easter candy. I didn't want what everyone else had. I wanted something my own. This is how I...

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