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Cash Giveaway Time!!!

Who here doesn’t love giveaways?
Better yet… Who here doesn’t like Cash Giveaways?
I mean come on! Haha, All you have to do is enter a giveaway for a chance to win $50!

I know I would be entering that giveaway! And now… You have a chance to do so!
So get on it! Read on and be sure to enter!!!

Times can be tough and anything can happen in life. A little extra cash can really make a difference to someone. I know it has for me!
So now, Because we love our fans we wanted to give back to you all!

So, Renee, Alyssa and I all got together to host this giveaway for you all!
And we are all pretty stoked about this! We just love our fans so much and if it wasn’t for you all we wouldn’t be where we are today!

So, as a token of our appreciation… we wanted to come together to giveaway $50!
Now this money will be sent via PayPal.

Thank you all! Thank you for your support, your encouragement, your kind words and showing us love in the blogger community! Without your support, our blogs would not be standing today! You all rock!! <3

Starts — 07.05.15 Ends — 07.19.15 — Open  — $50 Cash via PayPal (1 Winner)

Cash Giveaway $50

Disclosure: This post is entirely owned by and has not in any way been sponsored. All images are owned by All opinions are 100% my own.




  • Thomas Murphy

    I would buy a kindle.

  • Traci A

    I’d buy books!

  • Renee Simmons

    Help with our vacation!!!

  • Katherine

    I would spend it on something for the grandbabies. I have all I need and I love to make them happy.

  • Risa White

    I would get a start on Christmas shopping!

  • James Robert

    I’d put it towards French Doors for my dining room

  • amy

    This is awesome! This would get me a new pair of shoes for work that I really really need!

  • michie2003Mi

    I’d pay off a household bill

  • Courtney

    I’d buy new makeup!

  • shirley li

    go on vacation (:

  • Julia

    I’d buy some cute shorts for the summer!

  • latanya t

    some makeup or clothing

  • Amanda @ My Life, I Guess

    I’m currently unemployed, so I’d have to use the money on something responsible like paying bills. Haha

  • Patrick Siu

    i would like to replace my old fishing rod

  • Jenness M

    I would put it towards a new pair of hiking boots.

  • newfiechick72

    If I won I’d use it towards groceries.

  • Julie R.

    I would buy clothes for my 3 kids! It all adds up!

  • Amanda Sakovitz

    I would buy makeup because I really need some.

  • Nataly Carbonell

    I would use it to buy a birthday present for my mother, her b-day is july 19! :D

  • Fonda Wade

    Thank you so much for this opportunity. I would buy many trinkets/toy to fill my “Happy Closet” for my grandchildren :)

  • Carol

    I would buy a new shirt or two.

  • Natalie

    I would buy my mom a bag for her camera because she needs one!

  • Colleen Boudreau

    I would buy new shoes.

  • andrea amy

    I would use it to get school supplies for my youngest son.

  • wendy hutton

    I would put it towards some bills or groceries

  • Sue Hill

    For me and A co worker to go out for a well needed drink!! Hahah!

  • Rita A

    I would get iTunes cards to play some awesome games!

  • Candie L

    I want to buy an area rug. Thank you

  • bradleesweeps

    I would save the money and put it towards my wifes tattoo fund!

  • Erika W.

    We are going on a trip soon so I would use it toward a hotel!

  • Kelly O

    I would buy some canning materials. We are going to can peaches next month, so this would be helpful!! :)

  • Birdiebee

    I would use it to purchase my granddaughter a Kindle Fire HD she wants for her birthday.

  • lyndac1968

    I would probably buy some gadget for my kitchen, I have been looking at waffle makers!!

  • piroska

    I’d buy some clothes for my little granddaughter.

  • Kris l

    I would get splurge on a grocery item or 2:)

  • yarnaddicted

    I need to purchase a 2016 planner for next year, thanks!
    Kim Reid

  • staceyrenee711

    I think I’d use it towards bills, thank you for the chance and wonderful blog.

  • Starla B

    This is so awesome of you to host this cash giveaway! Planners are so fun! I would use mine for my college books I need for Fall. This would be so helpful because I have two that I can’t get used!

  • Kristen

    I’d buy a shower gift for our friends’ soon to be new baby.

  • aly3360

    I would probably spend it on coffee or printer ink. Decisions…decisions ;)

  • Becca Wilson

    I would get some things for my kids for fall :)

  • Jenna D

    I would use it towards my daughters birthday party!

  • Bridgett Wilbur

    I would buy my kids some educational toys. They just love them.

  • nicolthepickle

    I would buy a comic book and some torani drink syrup for making italian soda’s. Perfect for a sunny afternoon.

  • lynnbeanie23

    put it twords our vacation

  • Anita L

    I would put it towards a kitchen remodeling job we’re working on. Thanks for this chance!

  • alexxbookworm

    I would save it for my trip to Paris :)

  • Kelley Moore

    I would use it to buy a birthday present for me

  • Billie Rowell

    I would most likely buy food, something to treat my husband son and I, thanks!


    I would buy an outfit for my newborn grandson who is due in August!

  • Robyn Bellefleur

    I would buy some new shoes.

  • Katie J

    I would buy a new bed set for my bed.

  • I would use it to see a few of this Summer’s blockbuster movies!

  • Monika

    I would use the money to buy a particular type of yarn I need to finish a project. And with the left over I’d buy the kids the game they’ve been mentioning to me for months.

  • Laura Ann

    I would use it for bills or diapers.

  • Marilyn Nawara

    I would buy a new pair of sandals.

  • Corey Hutton

    With my birthday coming up, i would buy some Canadian Club to make it a happy sun shiny day. :)

  • Beppe DM

    A gift for my wife ;)

  • steve weber

    I would put it towards concert tickets for this month.

  • Katie C

    I would put it toward a video game!

  • Marianne

    I would use it to buy a birthday gift for my son. :)

  • favgreen(Rhonda W G.)

    I’d buy something fun from Etsy!

  • Carolsue Anderson

    If I won, I would be buying school supplies! It’s that time again!

  • Tina W

    I would buy wine. Lots and lots of wine!

  • lyn212

    I would buy myself new yoga pants.

  • Melissa Federer

    I need some new tupperware :\

  • Maria

    Some summer clothing for my kids , their is a old and outgrown

  • Nancy

    I think I’d also buy more supplies for my planner/scrapbook! :D

  • shirley

    With school starting soon, I would get school supplies.

  • Martin Keating

    I would buy a new ink cartridge

  • abbie guerrero

    I would probably buy some food and books:)

  • Jenn Erin

    I’d love to use it towards a planner (I have my eye on the Ban.Do one!). I’d also would use the rest towards my Netflix subscription (I am obsessed with Scandal!).

  • Melissa Greco

    I’d buy some new haircutting scissors

  • loriag

    I would love to buy some new cloths if I won.

  • Courtnie

    I’d use it towards rent.

  • Gord

    I would buy groceries as I am practical minded type person.

  • Serenity K Moon

    I would put it towards my medical needs.

  • David

    Help with our vacation

  • Jenna

    This would be great to put towards my car payment >_<

  • Deb Jensen

    It would help as i’m moving across country again!

  • Elis B.

    wifi router

  • Elisabeth

    I would use it towards my pre-natal vitamins, they can get pricey! :)

  • Crystal Marie Porter

    I have to renew some domains. So that. lol

  • Maggie Smith

    I’d Buy some groceries.

  • Chris Dehart

    I’d use it for gas.

  • Mendy Dinsmore

    I would buy pet food and a new toy.

  • Dawn Monroe

    I would buy gas for a weekend road trip with my husband.

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