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About Amanda from Amanda’s Corner

Amanda’s Corner (formally known as Adorkablii) is written by Amanda. Amanda is a single mom to Jaiden (9) and recently moved from Pennsylvania to Colorado in hopes for a better life for her and her son.

While Amanda has done the best she can to raise her son the best way possible, she has hit her fair share of bumps in the road. Amanda suffers from Anxiety issue and Depression which can make some daily task hard for her. As she does the best she can to stay above water, she still has bad days.

in 2015 Amanda made a choice to have an abortion. As this wasn’t an easy choice, this was a choice she thought was right for her and her family. Though many may not agree with what Amanda has done, and even though she feels regret, she still stands by the choice of doing what she thought was right for her and her family at the time.

With a unique view on life, Amanda has torn down the barriers and stands tall at the end of every fight. She continues to do things they way she feels is the best for her and her family. While Amanda hasn’t done things in the somewhat ‘normal’ manner, she believes everything happens for a reason and is right where she belongs.

Amanda’s Corner is a place where Amanda can share her thoughts, advice on being a single parent, crafts, recipes, and much more. She loves to share her photography most. Whether it be of raindrops, flowers, or photos from the zoo, Amanda loves photography.

Amanda fell in love with photography in the 9th grade. She had a 4-course art class and photography was one of the courses. She developed her love for photo taking at the moment and hasn’t put the camera down since. Though Amanda isn’t a professional photographer, she hopes one day to put her Anxiety issues to the side and do what she dreams of. In the meantime, she is happy to photographer her son and their life together and share those moments with you, her fans.

Jaiden is Amanda’s son and he is her everything! Amanda always says Jaiden is her savior and she would be lost without him. Maybe one day she will share this story with you all. It’s just a very personal story.

Through everything, the good, the bad, and the ugly, Amanda has always been able to smile at the end because she has Jaiden. If you would like to know more about Amanda and Jaiden, check out the rest of the blog.

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