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Getting ready for school? Here are 8 tips on how to have a successful school year! #StrengthNotStress
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8 Tips on How to Have a Successful School Year #StrenghtNotStress

Jaiden ended 3rd grade with a bit of a rough patch so we decided to make sure 4th grade was a better year with 8 tips on how to have a successful school year! Jaiden struggled some at the end of 3rd grade and it took some effort for him to bounce back. We didn’t want the same issues as last year so we decided 4th grade would be a better year and to do that we needed to get prepared and organized.

Getting ready for school? Here are 8 tips on how to have a successful school year! #StrengthNotStress

Starting a new year of school can be over whelming for kids and adults. Having a plan will only make going back to school a little less stressful. Jaiden has his alarms set and gets up at the same time every morning. He relaxes and watches cartoons while he eats his breakfast. Then he heads off to school and when he gets home, he decompresses a bit before starting his homework.

Getting ready for school? Here are 8 tips on how to have a successful school year! #StrengthNotStress

Staying Organized.
  • Starting the school year off organized is one of the best ways to have a successful year. It’s important to start the school year off organized rather than trying to get organized months later as it can become overwhelming. When everything is where it belongs, it can make school work so much easier.
Ask for Help.
  • Yes! Ask for help! This was one of my biggest mistakes when I was in grade school. I felt ashamed to ask for help and I shouldn’t have. I thought for some odd reason that I looked dumb when asking for help and now as an adult, I realized it was only hurting me and it’s completely okay to ask for help!

Getting ready for school? Here are 8 tips on how to have a successful school year! #StrengthNotStress

Be Prepared with the Right Supplies.
  • Heading into the new school year you want to make sure you are prepared with the right supplies. Not only does having the right supplies but having quality supplies. That may seem silly but you don’t want to purchase a cheap binder, only for it to fall apart a few months into school. I have and always will be a fan of Five Star products. My parents purchased them for me and now I do the same for Jaiden. Their supplies it Guaranteed to last all year and as a mom, that is what I need with a 9-year-old who puts his school supplies through some stuff!
Write it Down.
  • Just because you know it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write it down. I know my niece and nephew’s birthday but I write them down because life happens and we all become forgetful at times. Writing down stuff you think you already know will not hurt you. It’s okay to take a lot of notes. They are great to have and will be useful when it’s time to study.
Getting ready for school? Here are 8 tips on how to have a successful school year! #StrengthNotStress
Get Plenty of Rest.
  • Sleep is important. Making sure you have plenty of rest is crucial to have a good day at school and while you may think it’s okay to stay up all night studying for a test your brain needs sleep. All that studying will go to waste if you are half asleep in class because you didn’t give your body and brain the rest it needed!
Set Reminders.
  • Mark your calendars with due dates and set reminders up. Put these reminders on your phone and set these reminders to go off a week and a few days before their due dates. This will help you remember it’s time to make sure that assignment is finished and prepared or time to crack down on the studying for a quiz.
Getting ready for school? Here are 8 tips on how to have a successful school year! #StrengthNotStress
Remember to Play.
  • Play? Yes, it is important to play. It doesn’t matter what grade you are in or how old are you. Having play is a way to relieve the stress and relax your body and mind. Kids and adults all need that stress-free play. Play will allow your body to decompress of the stress and your mind to find its center again. This is for school aged children or adults in college. It’s important to find something to take away the stress. It’s important for you to decompress and come back to your work refreshed and less stressed.
Eat a Healthy and Filling Breakfast.
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Take a moment to sit, have a glass of orange juice and a nice healthy breakfast. Running out of the house with a breakfast bar to sit in classes all day is not a good choice. Feed that brain the good stuff!

What tips would you suggest for having a successful school year?

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    Oh man, school brings the newbie jeebies to me, that’s for sure. I was never a fan at all. I just couldn’t ever sit still and I hated tests because they made me very anxious – and obviously the thought even gets me anxious – LOL! That being said, I am glad you’re not like me and you can be a good role model for your son :)

  • Keri justice

    We try to stick with a normal wake and sleep routine and that helps tremendously. A good healthy breakfast to fuel your day! And dressing correctly for the weather which is crazy here in Ohio right now. Chilly in the mornings but it gets hot as the day goes on. Stay alert about your kids homework and grades that way of they need help you can catch it early before they’re really behind. Thanks for the awesome blog post!

  • Chasity L Boatman

    The key to us not stressing is a schedule and consistently. It makes a huge difference for us. Also, staying in touch with the teacher to make sure that we’re up to date about everything.

  • Chasity L Boatman

    The key to us not stressing is a schedule and consistently. It makes a huge difference for us. Also, staying in touch with the teacher to make sure that we’re up to date about everything.

  • Dawn

    It’s so important to ask for help. We had a bad year last year in 5th grade. We asked for a lot of help from a lot of people. Start with the teachers. That didn’t work for us because every school and every teacher is different but it’s the perfect place to start. This year is better and staying organized is critical for middle school. Hope you all have a great year.

  • Olivia B

    We always tell our kids that if they are having any problems at school whether in a certain subject, with a student, or teacher to let us know. We always start the year hoping for it to be a great year full of memories.

  • Jan Lee

    Having a set schedule for all activities including sleep times is a must, as much as possible, even on weekends. This helps kids with routines and to be able to set boundaries and rules for their schedules and lives :)

  • Joely Smith

    Writing things down is a great tip! They are all great tips but I am a list maker, date book person, and papers everywhere as well as emails to myself to remind myself what I need to do lol. Those backpacks by the way – EXCELLENT – only ones my kids could not tear up in half a school year!

  • joan ritter

    keep everyone on a schedule. Early to bed and a good breakfast helps to keep everyone energetic throughout the day.

  • Madonna

    Organization is key to low stress. Everything in a specific spot and you don’t have to stress to find it. No frantic scramble to find homework or reports that need signed.

  • Felicita Moncada

    Definitely planning ahead and being prepared are a must for me. Every night the kids take out what they are going to wear for the next day of school. It makes our mornings so much easier! Less stress and less screaming in the morning.

  • Censie Sawyer

    Five Star has always been my favorite brand for school supplies. I honestly didnt know they had backpacks I will have to look into those next year. My son rips his folders so easily so I have started buying him the “plastic” five star folders. They last all year! SO perfect!

  • Kelly D

    My tip would be to limit online time and to give small incentives for good grades.

  • It’s definitely easier if you’re organized from the supplies to the schedule. These are very good tips especially for parents who have kids who are attending school for the first time. A schedule must be set and a routine to go with it as well. This will keep you on track all the time!

  • Aileen Adalid

    This is such a great post! I don’t have children myself yet but my sister does and for sure, this is a post that I’ll be sharing with her. I especially love the tip on writing things down. It usually really helps put things in order.

  • Marileyn R

    I think it’s important to have a wall calendar and write down all the important dates. Keep it up with homework as soon as they get back from school so you can enjoy the rest of the evening doing family activities. Always go to bed early and get them ready on time, that way toy avoid the rush hour. It’s also good to just relax and go outdoors for a break!

  • David Elliott

    This does sound like such great advice to kids when they are in school. I definitely feel where you are coming from in not wanting to ask for help. And yet when you ask for help everything becomes so much better. Plus there is always the remember to play part. You have to find balance in your life.

  • Sumit Surai

    School days seem something from the previous birth now :) But this post was helpful and informative.

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