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6 Ways to Embrace your Child's Creativity
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6 Ways to Embrace your Child’s Creativity

As a creative being, I want my son to embrace his creative side. We all aren’t artist and that’s okay. We don’t have to be. However, children love to be creative, whether it’s coloring, drawing, or arts and crafts. They love to play around, make messes and create beautiful creations that we will forever cherish. Sometimes, as parents, we have expectations of our children and because of that,  I want to share 6 ways to embrace your child’s creativity.


It’s funny, Jaiden and I were drawing with our Silly Scents (which are so fun to smell) and Jaiden asked me if I was going to draw fruit like I use too. When he was little, meaning 4, I went to art school. I originally wanted to study photography but soon realized I didn’t need school for what I loved and came naturally. However, in my photography classes, we had to draw these perspective designs and I chose to draw a fruit bowl. It was amazing to me that he remembered that. I had completely forgotten. Creativity comes in many forms. Allow your children to embrace whatever version of creativity they chose. That’s assuming they aren’t drawing on your walls with a permanent marker of course.

6 Ways to Embrace your Child’s Creativity

Provide Resources.

In order for your child to build on their creativity, provide them with the tools they need. Whether it be crayons, pencils, paint, or costumes. Provide them with the tools necessary to be creative and express them selves. Depending on what your little one is planning, a designated space for their creativity may be best. It will help control the glitter, construction paper and paint to an assigned area.

Allow Freedom.

Allow your child to pick up their art tools and create whatever it is they choose. Don’t put a cap on their imagination because you feel they should create something specific. My son loves to draw dinosaurs, dragons, and castles but I don’t ask him to draw anything else because these are his drawings, not mine. Let them play dress up, draw, or build things. Creativity comes in many forms. Allow them to create what it is they vision, not what you vision. Step back and just let them be.

6 Ways to Embrace your Child's Creativity

Stop Caring about Achievements.

I won’t lie, sometimes I have no idea what my son drew and that’s okay. Talk about how they came about the creation. What’s the story life behind their drawing and what gave them the idea? Does their drawing look more like a green blob than a dinosaur, that’s okay, don’t criticize. Art is not meant to be anything but what the creator sees.

Encourage Reading.

Children’s books are amazing for the imagination. Jaiden has a ton of books that are fascinating to me and the story lines are pact filled with creativity. Reading is great for your child’s education and vocabulary but it’s also a great way to help your child’s imagination. It will allow them to use their mind to visualize what is happening. Jaiden and I are reading the illustrated version of Harry Potter and it brings the book to life. If your little one can’t read yet, make sure you read to them. Get excited and read like you are telling the story.

6 Ways to Embrace your Child's Creativity

Don’t Judge.

Did your little one color out of the lines or maybe made a “mistake”? Let it go. Who cares! Embrace what they have done and don’t pick out their “mistakes”. Provide them with positive feedback and ask questions about their art work. Don’t break their spirits because it’s not up to your standards.

Avoid Interrpertaions.

As I stated, I don’t always know what my son draws and that’s okay. When your little one comes over and shows you their work avoid saying things like “That looks like…”. Children can become upset when we misinterpret their work. Allow them to tell you the story or ask them to explain their drawing.

6 Ways to Embrace your Child's Creativity

Don’t forget to get down with your little ones. It’s okay to stop the adulting and hang with out kids. One day they will be too cool for us and we will cherish these silly moments. Jaiden and I had fun drawing dinosaurs with out Crayola Silly Scents. It was even funny because I couldn’t get up off the floor. HAHA!




  • Censie

    When my first born was small, I hated when he would get messy with markers. paint and clay. I have learned that messes can be cleaned. Creativity brings messes but that is okay. I love this article. It is a great reminder to this overly clean mom! hA

  • Lisa

    Great post! My youngest daughter is very creative, I love how she’ll grab her paper and coloring pencils and step into her own world of creating. I try to encourage her often when she steps away to do her own thing. She does some amazing detailed artwork too!

  • ALi Rost

    My father is the most creative person I’ve ever met. He always has a cool new project in the works, whether it be homemade beer and wine or a project in his woodworking shop. It’s so true that kids learn by absorbing the things we do, and just being around him has instilled in me a creative spirit! x

  • Lisa Favre

    I should start reading with the kids more often! I was doing it at once point but summer vacation got the best of us and we’ve been running around doing this and that. We should go to the library and spend some time reading.

  • Tina Butler

    Such great tips for creativity! My little guy is definitely my most creative and free spirited one. It took time for me to let my kids be them messy and all when they were little and coloring and creating. By the time I had my 3rd little guy it was so much easier. Our favorite pastime was the summer reading program at the library and all the activities they had to offer. My kids are teenagers now (23, 17 and 14) now and I sure do miss those days.

  • Lena Burkut

    Not judging and not comparing is the part that is hard for me. That is why I try to stay back and let them create whatever they want. As long as I give them enough time, they enjoy their free creativity time and I get to enjoy some peace and quiet. It is all about freedom

  • Sheri

    Encourage reading and allowing freedom are definitely spot on. Our toddler only listens to classical music and he loves to read. I let him draw and be creative, figure out how things work. Sometimes he gets frustrated when things dont go the way he wants them to, but he appreciates the process.

  • Jennifer Seigler

    This is so true! Messes can be cleaned up. Just giving your child the right materials and let them spend hours of creative play. My sons love making things out of empty cereal boxes and I am simply amazed at how they make bridges, houses, airplanes, etc. On other days, they make awesome designs with their Lego bricks which we proudly display on shelves in their play room. I do not “teach” them what to make. I am just there to supervise, encourage and praise. I can see that the creative play they love to engage in is in building stuff, so probably when they are old enough, we can send them to summer classes that teach robotics or STEM related activities.

  • Dr. K. Lee Banks

    I love this post! I ‘ve seen my daughter – who’s the mommy of three of my FOUR granddaughters! – successfully follow most, if not all of these tips with the two oldest girls who are coming up on turning 3 and 5. They seem to be blossoming in their creativity, much like my daughter did when she was young and continues to do now as an adult.

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