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It's summer and that means time to hit the water. Here are 6 water safety tips every parent should know!
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6 Water Safety Tips every Parent should Know

It’s summer and that means high temperatures along with the no fun humidity. This means hitting up the pools and beaches to help cool ourselves off and have a day of fun. Who doesn’t like to go swimming or dip their feet in the cool water? I know I do. The thing about water is that you need to be careful because things can happen. Since summer is here, I wanted to share 6 water safety tips every parent should know.

It's summer and that means time to hit the water. Here are 6 water safety tips every parent should know!

Swimming is fun. There is no doubt about that. As much as I love watching my son have fun in the pool, the second he is out of sight my heart drops. The water can be a dangerous and as much as we’d like to think our children will be okay, it takes one split second for something horrible to go wrong. It’s sad, but anything can go wrong and for that reason, I want to share 6 water safety tips every parent should know about with you.

It's summer and that means time to hit the water. Here are 6 water safety tips every parent should know!

6 Water Safety Tips every Parent should Know

Enroll in Swim lessons.

It used to be recommended to wait until your child was about 4 years old to put them in swimming lessons. However, things have changed and now there are a ton of infant and toddler swimming programs out there. Introducing your little one to water sooner rather than later is beneficial. Swimming lessons are highly encouraged. It will only benefit them. Knowing how to swim can save your child’s life.

Keeps eyes on your kids.

If you are at the beach, a public pool, or your own, you must keep eyes on your little ones at all times. It takes one second for something to go wrong. You also can’t just assume someone else is watching your child if you aren’t. If you have to walk away make sure you have someone watching your child. Make your little one come out of the water if there is no other adult to watch them. It’s okay. They will survive until you can watch them again. Be safe rather than sorry.

Know CPR.

Accidents can happen in just seconds. Knowing CPR can save your child’s life is something happens to go wrong while they are swimming. There are thousands and thousands of places that offer CPR classes. Take the time to learn.

It's summer and that means time to hit the water. Here are 6 water safety tips every parent should know!

Learn to hold breath and open your eyes under water.

You may not think this is important but it is. Learning to hold your breath underwater can help prevent a horrible accident. Kids can be rough sometimes and they like to push each other under water. Knowing how to hold your breath can help if something goes wrong. Knowing how to open your eyes under water will also help. This will allow you to see where you are going in case there are things in your way, like in the ocean. You never know.

Follow the rules of the pool.

If you are at a public pool, read over their rules. Every public pool has rules and they should be followed. Not only for your safety but for the safety of others.

Have appropriate safety equipment.

If your little one can’t swim make sure they are wearing the required safety vest. Some public pools will only allow coast guard approved vest. If you are unsure on their policy, be sure to call a head.

 It's summer and that means time to hit the water. Here are 6 water safety tips every parent should know!

Summer is all about having a blast and creating everlasting memories. Just remember to be safe by following this 6 water safety tips every parent should know.




  • Censie

    These are some very important water safety tips for everyone to remember this time of the year. We currently have our kids in a swim school in hopes that they will be better in the water but we need to make sure we follow these tips as well. Summer is fun, no reason to have something preventable happen!

  • Melanie

    My kids are beginning swim lessons next week. They have not been around pools very much, but we decided that it was time for them to learn. My boys are so fearless that I really want them to learn water safety, as well as how to swim.

  • Kimberly @ Berly's Kitchen

    It’s absolutely astounding how many kids drown or have a near drowning experience. Water safety is so important and, as adults, we are responsible for watching kids when they are near water. You’ve given some great tips and good ideas on how to keep kids safe.

  • Kristi Dominguez

    When my kids were little, we always made sure they were in swim lessons every summer. They’re almost teenagers now and are like fish…but I still watch them like a hawk. You’re so right! Accidents can happen so fast. Your tips are really great and helpful for any family with young kids.

  • liz

    My son is on the younger side (8) and is a bit afraid of water. I think just introducing him to water and explaining the fears helps. Also getting him in some swim lesson programs.

  • Karlyn Cruz

    So many kids die every year from drowning. This is definitely a big deal, especially parents who tend to get carried away with conversations or looking at their phones while at the pool. I like this kind of awareness especially for our little ones.

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