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4 Tips to Starting an Ant Factory so your little one can have fun and learn.

4 Tips to Starting an Ant Factory

As a kid, I remember sitting out front of my house, on the sidewalk watching the ants. They are the tiniest bugs I had seen and I thought they were just fascinating. A little creepy looking as well, but fascinating none the less. Even now, as an adult, I think they are interesting and that interested has been passed on to my son who now is very curious about ants. Jaiden has become so interested in them that he asked for an ant factory. With the ant factory comes responsibility and it’s for that reason I want to share 4 tips to starting an ant factory.

4 Tips to Starting an Ant Factory so your little one can have fun and learn.

When Jaiden’s GeoSafari Ant Factory arrived he was extremely excited and didn’t want to wait. He was ready to set everything up and buy supplies even though we still needed to get ants which could take some time. As we know, kids don’t have much patience and I can’t say anything because neither do I. Because Jaiden needed to wait, he decided to set everything up and read the guide book. Jaiden became even more impatient so we decided to go about our ant factory a different way.

4 Tips to Starting an Ant Factory so your little one can have fun and learn.

4 Tips to Starting an Ant Factory

Getting Your Ants.

The easy way to go about getting your ants is to order them. If you purchase an ant factory housing unit they may provide you with a card for free ants where you would have to pay for shipping and handling. The other option, which is what Jaiden and I did, was head outside to an ant hill and collected ants from there. We have a ton of ant hills on our street and this was a quicker way to start his ant factory.

Collecting Sand.

Gathering your sand can come about in a few ways. You can simply head to the store and purchase a bag of pure sand which is great for ants or, like Jaiden and I, you can head outside to your ant hills and collect from there. Since we collected ants from outside, we collected the same dirt/sand they had since that is what they were use too.

4 Tips to Starting an Ant Factory so your little one can have fun and learn.


Ants like a wide variety of foods. I’ve seen ants surround chips, fruits, and candy that have been dropped on the ground. You can take a plate and put different foods out to see what they love most. This is also a great way to collect those ants for your ant factory. Water is important to your ants. You want to give them a little so that their sand looks damp and not soaked.


When you start your ant factory the ants will have to take the time to dig their tunnels. This is a great way to study them and their habits. Allow the children to take notes on their feeding and take photographs to document everything that is going on.

4 Tips to Starting an Ant Factory so your little one can have fun and learn.

Ants are very interesting insects and a great insect for children to learn about. You can hold experiments to see what your ants like to eat and study how they come together and build a home. It’s also a great way to keep your children learning. They don’t realize how educational some things are. Jaiden has watched his GeoSafari Ant Factory and takes notes on how their doing and doesn’t even realize this is all educational.





  • Jenny Finney

    For some reason, I never knew you could actually purchase ants! It looks as if your son is really into the ant factory and maybe, one day, my grandson will too. Finding your own ants, can be tedious, especially when you have to hunt in more than one place.

  • Joely Smith

    While I never had an ant colony myself I am sure this is a great way for kids to learn! I bet it is cool watching the ants at work! So much better than staring blindly into some app!

  • Censie Sawyer

    How fun! We got one of these for my son a few years ago. But it was a gel kind and the ants died. It was traumatic for our son. I wonder if we need to start a new one now that he is older. I think they are so cool!!

  • monica y

    Looks lie fun, my son does not like bugs but I am sure if he knows they are not going to be on the lose he might want to play with it. I would love for him to at least try it. I will show it to him later and will see if he wants it. For sure there is so many things would learn from this. Something to check out for sure.

  • Melissa Dixon

    These things are so cool. My daughter had a couple of these when she was little but we never had one like that! It looks like a fun one. I love being able to learn and have fun at the same time. I think this is a great way for kids to learn about nature and keep pets which teaches responsibility. A great all around purchase and perfect gift idea.

  • Nadalie

    OHHH this is one of those things I’ve seen and always wanted to have. Then I grew up and I’ve been fighting the ant factories in my backyard haha. Would you ever get a bee colony? A friend built one, it’s a challenge but you feel like you’re helping the population bounce back.

  • Lena

    such a cool activity!. I suggested my daughter a few times to get one of those. I bet I should just get it myself and for me. It looks like a great and relaxing activity for me after a working day.

  • Diana

    This looks like so much fun!! My kids are obsessed with watching ants and follow them all over our yard. Sometimes they leave food out so they can get a better look and that’s always a nightmare to find, so maybe an ant factory is the solution to our problem! Definitely have to get one of these for us to enjoy!

  • Mike

    Wow, those are some great tips. I never really thought about all that goes into an Ant Farm. Thanks for the insights, looks like your son is really into it!

  • Allison

    Totally random but I recently learned ants are one of the cleanest insects. Guess it’s not the end of the world if they are on your food haha. Other than that I never got in to ant farms because my little sister is allergic. Siblings always ruin the fun.

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