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10 Ways to Help Reduce Stress

We all have those days where we just want to curl back into bed and hide away from the world. You get up and you step on a lego or spill your coffee and you just know it’s going to be one of those days. Today I come to you with 10 Ways to Help Reduce Stress.

10 Ways to Help Reduce Stress by making simple changes. These simple changes will allow for a happier and better you! 1. Candles and Wax Warmers: I find to be more relaxed when I have my candles lit and wax warmers on. Having a calming scent spread throughout the house is very relaxing! Of course, if you are into using oils, get yourself an oil diffuser. =) I truly do love laying in bed when my room smells of Sugar Kiwi Melon!

2. Relaxing Lotions: I love my Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion. It help keeps me calm and relaxed as the lotion contains lavender, chamomile, ylang-ylang and natural colloidal oatmeal. Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion also has a scent trigger to help relaxation plus it helps keep your skin moisturized and soft!

3. Bath Salts: Bath Salts have so many benefits for our skin. If they are purchased in pure form and infused with essential oil you are in for some happy moments. Pure Bath Salts are great for our skin. Bath Salts in warm water can help clean out the impurities, dirt and oil in our skin. If infused with essential oil such as lavender or chamomile you will feel relaxed  and happy!

4. Healthy Eating: I know we all love to indulge in those so very yummy, greasy, fatty foods! I am guilty as much as the next person. However, healthy eating has so many benefits. You help clean out the toxins in your body which results in feeling better about yourself. Granted I love wings and fries but after a nice salad, I do feel much better!

5. Breathe: This sounds silly because in order for us to survive we have to breathe. However, I am speaking about a different kind of breathing. Remember to sit and take a breath. Light those candles, grab your relaxing lotions, close your eyes and breathe! Take a moment for yourself and find your center.

10 Ways to Help Reduce Stress by making simple changes. These simple changes will allow for a happier and better you!

6. Vitamins and Natural Supplements: It’s important to make sure we take vitamins. We want to stay healthy. There are so many options out there like Natrol 5-HTP which delivers natural mood support in a drug-free plant-derived tablet. Natrol 5-HTP is a drug-free, plant-derived mood enhancement supplement that stimulates calmness throughout the body by naturally increasing serotonin levels. Don’t forget yo get your $5 Off Coupon now!

7. Declutter: Sometimes it helps to declutter a dresser or a book shelf. Getting rid of a few old clothes or some old papers can really do the trick! Just by making a little more space in your life by clearing some shelfs is surprisingly very relaxing and helpful!

8. Positivity: Surround yourself with positive people. We all have those friends who are just negative. You love them as they are your friends but do yourself the favor of keeping positive and avoiding their negative life. I like to read positive quotes on Pinterest or Instagram!

10 Ways to Help Reduce Stress by making simple changes. These simple changes will allow for a happier and better you!

9. Plan: Planning doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You don’t need anything fancy to plan out your daily task. A little order doesn’t hurt. Notes for when trash and recycling have to go out, doctor appointments, work schedules, and special plans all in one place can be refreshing. No fumbling around for that scrap paper that holds your appointment time. Having everything in one place can truly be refreshing.

10. Play: Play doesn’t end when your childhood does. It’s important to be a responsible adult but play has so many benefits that even adults should do it! It’s okay to go out and play some sports, sit with the kids and play some video games. Don’t forget about board games and cards! Play helps our minds and relax us so that when we go back to being an adult, we have a clear mind and a new outlook on a situation.

10 Ways to Help Reduce Stress! These 10 simple things can make a huge difference. Remember to take a moment, breathe and do one thing at a time!



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