It’s Time to be Confident Clean!

It’s one thing to be clean, but to be Confident Clean is another! Thanks to Cottonelle and Sam’s Club, I am not only clean but I am Confident Clean! When people think of Wipes, they think of babies. However, I use wipes for so much more than just when my son was little.

Wipes have become part of my daily life. From cleaning up messes, taking off make up, cleaning my shoes, and so much more! I love having my wipes around. I really do use them for just about everything!!


As a woman, wipes have become my best friend. They are nice to have to keep up with my make up incase my eye liner smears. They are nice to use to clean my face with. And of course, as a woman, I have other uses for them.


Now, as much as I love my wipes, I need to buy them in bulk. I use them so often that buying little packs don’t do me any justice. It also ends up costing more in the long run.

Thanks to my Sam’s Club membership I am able to get my Cottonelle Wipes at an affordable price and stay Confident Clean!

Amanda Kee