How to Protect my Outside Cat

Growing up, I always had cats, however, I never had an outside cat. Over the years, only one cat would head outside and that was just on the deck. Now that I have an outside cat, I needed to find ways to keep her safe. Stripes is always outside playing in the grass or climbing trees. I love how adventurous she is but like any pet owner, I worry. Keeping her inside was not an option. I needed to find out ways to protect my outside cat.

I love how adventurous she is but like any pet owner, I worry. Keeping her inside was not an option. I needed to find out ways to Protect my outside cat.This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The J.M. Smucker Company. The opinions and text are all mine.

Stripes being an outside cat is worrisome for me. I have always had inside cats which meant I needed to find ways to keep her healthy and safe. Though she doesn’t go far, the reality is, anything can happen. She is an extremely loving cat and will go up to anyone who is willing to show her some love. Though we don’t have a ton of traffic on our street, I am afraid someone may try to take her just because she is super friendly. It’s these reasons I want to share with you how I protect my outside cat.

How to Protect my Outside Cat

I love how adventurous she is but like any pet owner, I worry. Keeping her inside was not an option. I needed to find out ways to Protect my outside cat.Spay or Neuter your Cat

While some may feel it’s un-natural to spay or neuter your pet, it’s a great way to prevent them from wandering off when in heat. This will also help protect your cat from pregnancy and having to care for a litter of kittens that you will most likely not keep. Which will also help the over population of cats that become strays each year or worse, end up being put down. Talk to your vet and see what options are available to you and your furry friend. Be sure to ask about the health benefits of having your cat spayed or neutered.

Stay up to date on Shots

Like children, you want to keep your cat up-to-date on their shots. These shots are there to keep your feline pet healthy and protected from certain diseases. Talk to your vet about what shots are best for your furry friend and be sure to inform your vet that your cat is an outside cat. This information will allow your vet to make the right determination of what shots they should receive.

I love how adventurous she is but like any pet owner, I worry. Keeping her inside was not an option. I needed to find out ways to Protect my outside cat.Keep Water and Their Favorite Food Handy

Having your cat on a feeding schedule is one of the best things you can do for them. It will keep them on a schedule and they will know when it’s time to return home, you should also keep water out for them during those hot days. You want to keep your furry friend hydrated and let’s be honest, we all come running when we know our favorite food is waiting for us.

Get Microchipped

Getting your cat chipped is a great way to help find your cat if she/he gets lost. Often people see a cat and believe he or she is either a stray or lost. Having your furry friend microchipped is a great way to have some extra protection in case they turn up at a shelter or hospital. While a collar and tag are also recommended, they can fall off. Having a microchip is a great way for extra protection.

I love how adventurous she is but like any pet owner, I worry. Keeping her inside was not an option. I needed to find out ways to Protect my outside cat.
Our pets are like our children and we want the best for them. Stripes won’t eat anything but her favorite food. She is in love with Meow Mix Bistro Recipe. Her favorite flavor is Rotisserie Chicken Flavor and when I say this is her favorite food, I am not kidding. When she’s in the house and hears the bag, she is right there under you feet waiting for you to fill her bowl. While Meow Mix offers a great selection of flavors, she loves what she loves.

Meow Mix is a brand I trust. Not only do they offer a high-quality product, it clearly has some amazing taste according to Stripes. She comes running when she hears the bag and shows her appreciation with purring and rubbing up against my leg. Feeding Stripes a product she loves helps us stay connected and happy with each other. She’s happy because she gets her favorite food and I’m happy because she’s happy. This allows her to continue to be her adventurous self, what more could a fur-momma ask for?

I love how adventurous she is but like any pet owner, I worry. Keeping her inside was not an option. I needed to find out ways to Protect my outside cat.
Stripes was thoroughly enjoying her dinner however, she has never had the Meow Mix Brushing Bites. I was excited to see if she would be interested in something new and she was. She was outside enjoying her dinner when I put a few in her dish. She went right for them and surely enjoyed them. I always shop for Stripes at Walmart as I seem to always find great deals and I love using my Ibotta app. As a single parent, a savings is a savings. For me, when I can save on things I buy all the time, I just love it.

If you don’t use the Ibotta app, I highly recommend it. Right now, you can earn $1.50 when you purchase Meow Mix Dry Food, $1.00 when you purchase Meow Mix Wet Food, and $0.25 when you purchase Meow Mix Treats. However, the savings don’t end there. You can earn an additional $1.00 when you redeem two or more of the Meow Mix rebates.

Keeping Stripes happy, healthy and protected is my goal. She is part of our family and like any family member, her well-being is a concern of mine. As long as Stripes is happy and safe, all is good.

Amanda Kee


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    August 1, 2017

    Great information for outdoor cats. We have two cats taht are indoor cats but like you we want them healthy, safe and happy. My cats love Meow Mix, especially the treats. Great tips to keep the cats safe!

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    August 1, 2017

    I love your photos so much! So gorgeous! Sadly my cat is strictly indoor. We live somewhere in which cars aren’t much of a problem, but predators rule our land. That said, we still use the same food so it must be making cats of all kinds happy! The treats are her personal favorite, and I buy the dry food and wet food too.

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    Ali Rost

    August 1, 2017

    We’re cat lovers at our house and have had a couple over the years who loved to be outside. I always worried, mostly about other animals, and stayed up to date on their shots, etc. Fun to see you feature Meow Mix. It’s been a staple for years. The cats love not only the food, but their treats as well. x

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    August 1, 2017

    I’m the complete opposite. I never wanted cats, but found myself or should I say my cat found me. I became an outside cat owner when we moved into our 5 acre home. One day a grown cat showed up and I would find her on our porch daily. I imagine she used to live here and somehow found her way back. We took her to the vet and did a lot of searching for her owners. Great tips I need to utilize these, so far she’s been a dream to care for.

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    August 2, 2017

    Our dog got lost last week and I was terrified that someone has shot him or stolen him. I think microchipping him would be ideal since there is no way I would keep him inside. I do have an inside cat but I’m thinking microchipping her would also be ideal since she’s known to sneak outside on occasion.

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    August 2, 2017

    Wait are they really microchipping pets now? I heard rumors but i didnt know if it was in effect. Staying up to date on shots is really important for all pets.

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      Amanda Kee

      August 2, 2017

      They have been micro chipping pets for some time now. It’s a great way to find your lost pet. If your dog or cat get out and someone finds them and takes them to a vet, the vet can scan your pet and if microchipped, the vet will have the owners information and contact you.

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    August 2, 2017

    I have a friend who has some outside cats and she recently had a scare. It seems some dogs in then neighborhood got loose and attacked her kitty but thankfully it escaped in time. She was really nervous when she could not find her kitty for a while and saw blood on the ground outside. I think these tips would help her out and I will have to share it with her.

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    Bites for Foodies

    August 2, 2017

    I hate to admit it but I’ve never been a cat lover…I’m more a dog kind of girl. Having said that, we have a cat who just showed up one day and decided to stay and hang out here outside the house. She’s actually a sweetie!

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    August 2, 2017

    These are all such great tips. I immediately microchip my pets. I passed this along to all my cat loving friends and owners, thank you!

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    August 2, 2017

    What great tips. I am sending this to my mom. She recently adopted a cat and try as they might to keep him indoors this cat is simply not happy unless he’s allowed outside. They’ve never had an outdoor cat before, so this will be a great resource for her!

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    David Elliott

    August 3, 2017

    I haven’t had cats in a while because I developed a bit of an allergy to them. And it’s sad because I truly had some amazing cats as a child that I adored. And they were quite friendly in their own way. From what I remember, these are good ways to protect them. The one thing I would be curious to know is how to deal with other neighborhood animals. I had cats who got into fights with other neighborhood cats trying to protect our territory and then the cat would get sick and other bad things would happen. It was so sad. :(