Polish Collection

I love painting my nails. I don’t always get the time too but I do have a nice little collection going on and it is growing slowly. I want to start blogging more about polish and what I am using and why my favorites and such are.
So here we are with a list of all the polish I have.
Updated – 01.21.15

Elf Nail Polish
Mint Cream
Passion Pink

Jesse’s Girl

L.A Colors
Metallic Silver
Palm Tree
Static Electricity
Tropical Breeze

L.A. Girl

Broadway Boogie 202
Club Prive 105
Lacey Lilac 119
The Temptress’ Touch 691
Tweet Me 101

Amethyst Ablaze 90 (Color Show – Metallics)
Blue Blowout 80 (Color Show – Metallics)
Clearly Spotted 75 (Color Show – Polka Dots)
Go Go Green 340 (Color Show)
Lavender Sparks 805 (Color Show – Sequins) – Limited Edition
Pretty In Polka 85 (Color Show – Polka Dots)
Sea-Quins 820 (Color Show – Sequins) – Limited Edition
Styled Out 20  (Color Show – Denims)

Secrets 144

Sally Hansen
All Aglow280 (Diamond Strength)
Air 06 (Smooth and Perfect)
Blew Me Away! 130 (Xtreme Wear)
Caribbean Coral 450 (Xtreme Wear)
Crushed 290 (Xtreme Wear)
Deep Purple 170 (Xtreme Wear)
Garter Toss 506 (Diamond Strength)
Going Green 34 (Xtreme Wear)
Ink Splatter 08 (Crackle)
Let’s Dance 505 (Diamond Strength)
Moonlit Dance 240 (Diamond Strength)
Pacific Blue 420 (Xtreme Wear)
Pink Boa 32 (Xtreme Wear)
Ruby Rink 260 (Diamond Strength)
Snow Blast 01 (Crackle)
The Real Teal 39 (Xtreme Wear)
The Real Teal 480 (Xtreme Wear)
Twist of Lime 250 (Diamond Strength)

Sinful Colors
Bad Chick 1638 (Nail Art)
Bananappeal 1218 (Gel Tech)
Courtney Orange 30
Cupids Arrow 1187
Emerald Envy 1368
Hey Dear! 1632 (Nail Art)
It’s Electric 1155
Jungle Trail 1132
Last Chance 948
Let Meet 928
Moon Light 1657 (Nail Art)
Morning Breath 1623 (Nail Art)
Nail Junkie 927
Polar Opposites 1156
Rain Storm 1053
Ruby Mine 1365
Savage 950
Serena & Chloe 836
Social Ladder 924
Soup Apple 1656 (Nail Art)
Splatter Spell 1492
Sunny Day 1631 (Nail Art)
Time Off 1639 (Nail Art)
Winter Wonder 1142

Spellbound Nails
Carnival Lights
Jaded for Green
Sugar n’ Spice

Wet n Wild 222C (Fastdry)
Blue Wants To be A Millionaire 235C (Fastdry)
Born into Privilege 3326 (Coloricon)
Bow In My Presence 33828 (Coloricon)
Candy-licious 209C (Megalast)
Club Havana 211B (Megalast)
Dreamy Poppy (Wild Shine)
Ebony Hates Chris 229C (Fastdry)
Everybody Loves Redmond 221C (Fastdry)
Hannah Pinktana 234C (Fastdry)
Heatwave 212C (Megalast)
How I Met Your Magenta 233C (Fastdry)
Jewels For Your Highness 33824 (Coloricon)
On a Trip 213C (Megalast)
Speak When Spoken To 33825 (Coloricon)
Teal or No Teal 227C (Fastdry)
The Crown Is Mine 33827 (Coloricon)