2015 Calendar Printable

I love to design. It can be something simple or something on the detailed side.
I even have my own Etsy shop where I design things you can print right at home or order prints of.
I don’t really push my Etsy shop as much as I should. My plan for 2015 is to work more on my Etsy goodies. =)

The reason I come to my amazing fans today is because (almost) every friday I want to offer you all a Free Printable.
Now I know today isn’t Friday but it is the first day of 2015 and this free printable should have gone live at least a week or so ago.

With that being said… I bring to you a very simple 2015 calendar printable.
I personally love writing everything out. I love planners and jotting down notes in a notebook. I think it is just easier for me to remember things I have written down rather then typed into my computer. So with that I choose to whip up this quick design for you all. It’s very simple and easy to print.

The way I designed this is simple and can be done two ways. Two months print on one sheet and you can choose to either leave them on the same sheet which will be perfect for those who want to add this into a binder or like me, I choose to cut them in half.

As I said above, I choose to cut mine in half. I don’t have a binder that I want to put these in but I have a spot on my desk I want them so cutting them in the middle was ideal for me. Now you can just use a blade or scissors to cut your printable but I have a Fiskars Portable Page Trimmer that I bought from amazon. If interested you can purchase one Here. I love mine. I am so anal about perfect cuts and such! Hehe

Once I got all my Monthly Calendars cut I decided that I wanted to trim them all around. The extra blank space was something I wasn’t a fan of. This is just my personal preference.

Time to bust out those pretty pens and get to work. Jot down birthday’s, reminds to pick up dry cleaning, doctor’s appointments, dates with the hubby/wife, or like me, you can jot down blog post you want to come out. You can use these for so many different things. Perfect for quick reminders.

Lastly, find a home for them. Mine is clearly on my desk. Perfect spot for me. I just look up and can see what is planned or needing to be done for that day. And yes, I am a huge James Patterson fan. I have like 30 of his books.

If interested in downloading the 2015 Calendar just click the download button below.
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Amanda Kee

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    January 3, 2015

    Love this. Clean. Simple. And doesn’t take up a whole lot of space. Pinned!